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What is an ideal customer worth to you?

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Have you worked out the true value of your ideal customers?

It might be more than you think...

Let’s take a simplified example of a business with 100 customers, each worth £10,000/year on the face of it.

🔍 When the owner digs deeper, they identify their best 20 customers are actually worth £2,000 in net profit a year.

While the worst 20 are only worth £500 net profit.

The rest fall somewhere in the middle.

🤔 They then work out to double their business in a way that really matters, they’d only really need about 30 more ideal customers, not the 100 they thought they’d need.

💡The light bulb goes on.

Why not do everything possible to attract their ideal customers.

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Attracting your ideal customers happens naturally when you:

  1. Understand your ideal customers deeper than your competition
  2. Provide more value to your ideal customers than your competition


I know it sounds obvious..., but we're seeing big businesses going out of business because they are not doing this.

*cough* Blockbuster *cough*  Toys "R" Us *cough*

You probably know what goes into your favourite pudding, but you'd struggle to make it without a recipe. 

My two points above are the ingredients of attracting all the  ideal customers you want. But without a recipe to follow you might not get to enjoy the pudding...

I found the pudding

We're sharing a recipe that can attract all the ideal customers you need to your business.

When you combine our recipe with the ingredients that make up your business, you'll have something that your ideal customers can't resist.

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Or, use our ideal customer value calculator to work out how much your ideal customer is actually worth! 

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