How we provide value to our ideal customer

If you haven't done already check out to see if you are our ideal customer or not.

Our goal is to help you improve your business by focusing on two things

  • Understand your ideal customers better than anyone else
  • Provide more value to your ideal customers than anyone else 

We believe these are the two most important things for you to focus on if you want to grow your business. If you are the best in the world at these two things you will attract all the ideal customers you ever need. This will generate cashflow to improve all the other stuff that might challenge you if you increase your customer base.

This is how we provide value to our ideal customers

We break it down into 3 phases

  1. Before you do business with us
  2. When you have signed up for our free service
  3. When you become a paying customer

Before you do business with us

Our goal is to help as many businesses as we possibly can and win their trust so they opt in for our help on a regular basis.

  • Every week we create a guide on how to improve your business by 1% in 1 hour or less. We publish this on our website, we share it on social media channels. Follow us on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.
  • Free access to most of our tools such as Ideal customer calculator, Customer Obsessed Score and Ideal Customer Benchmarking tool (coming soon) 
  • We have written 100's of blog posts to help business to improve their business over the last 12 years which we have published
  • We pay companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google money to share more of the content to help you even if you don't sign up for the free version of our service. This is called remarketing. It is one of the most effective to help more people who have only been to 
  • We run events and webinars to help educate our ideal customers
  • We will soon be launching a marketplace for marketing activities that every business should be doing on an on going basis. We will be providing a free guide on how to do it yourself if you want to do it yourself.

When you have signed up for our free (forever) service

Our goal for this service is to help you identify all the different ways you can improve your business. This option is great for you if you want help figuring out the things you can improve but you like trying to figure the answers out yourself.

  • We will give you access to our back catalogue of 1% improve and help guide you through them in the right order to get the best results.
  • We give a free preview copy of the draft of our book "Customer Obsessed Growth" by Stephen Bavister.
  • Scalability score calculator - figure out what is stopping you from scaling your business and get a free custom action plan to make improvements
  • Webinar in 10 minute video series. We summarise the key theories and concepts to help you grow your business that you would get from attending our 2 hour seminar but in 10 minutes (coming soon)
  • Ideal Customer Benchmarking tool Custom reports sent to you to keep via email to yourself (coming soon)

When you become a paying customer

We provide a structured way to build and continuously improve a reliable new business process. We can either do the work for you or we can give you the instructions so that you can do it.

In the first 12 weeks - build an end to new business process to take a company from "I have never heard of you" through to being customer.

At the end of the 12 weeks you will have the following things in place.


Every week from week 13 - make a 1% improvement to the new business process

Here is an example of some of the things we will do each week to make the 1% improvements

We will test & improve

  • Definition of ideal customer
  • Vision & Mission
  • Value proposition
  • LinkedIn outreach

We will audit & Improve

  • Call to actions
  • Buyers journey friction points
  • Remarketing
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Digital advertising
  • Website content
  • Website resources
Access to the system costs £250 per month, everyone pays this. It will take 40 hours of time investment per month to complete the work. We can do the work for you for £100 per hour or you can do it yourself. We also offer a coaching option if you want to do it yourself with our guidance.

Check out our pricing page for more information.

We offer our customers a referral scheme

We pay 20% recurring referral commission to our customers that refer other customers to us. We pay 20% of the £250 per month product cost and 10% of any service we offer on top such as our coaching or done for you service.

You will receive a discount off your bill every month as long as you (the referer) are a customer. You can refer as many of our ideal customer as you want. If your monthly referral payment is more than the amount you pay us, we will just send you a payment each month. 



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