Our ideal customer

Are you our ideal customer?

If you meet all these criteria then sign up for the free version of the Customer Obsessed Growth System at the bottom.

About you (the business owner or commercial business leader)

  • You have a growth mindset
  • You understand the 80/20 rule and think it applies in your business
  • You understand the value of ideal customers
  • You have an interest in your marketing and would enjoy understanding it better
  • Your business is an investment not just a job (increasing the value of your business is important as well as just short term profit gains)

About your business

  • You sell something people don’t know they need yet
  • You currently rely on salespeople to sell what you sell
  • You haven't got a reliable, scalable way to generate new business
  • You are not struggling with cash flow so can invest in the future

What you want in the future

  • You want more ideal customers not just more customers
  • You see an opportunity to simplify the buying process to gain a competitive advantage
  • You want to improve the way you acquire new customers
  • You believe your business will improve if you become more customer-obsessed (vs being self-obsessed)

What you think of what we do

  • You agree to all the things above
  • You have used our ROI calculator and are happy with the ROI of our product/service
  • You mentally commit to 36 months of improving your business with us (although no contractual tie in)
  • You would be happy to keep doing business with us for as long as we help you improving your business or until you don't want to improve any more
  • When you have been our customer and you are have seen the benefits you would be happy to be a case study and tell people about us

If you are our ideal customer then get started for free.

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