Increase the revenue, profit and scalability of your specialist SME

Don't miss out on the opportunity to massively scale your business value


We believe that increasing the scalability of a company increases its value.

We form long term partnerships with SME owners to increase the efficiency and predictability of investing in their business, so that they exit their business with the highest transfer value possible

We understand your current sales and marketing processes, build your systems, then test, automate & refine them to free your people to work on increasing your business value

Do you turnover £4m+ and want to scale your business over the next 5 years?

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do..."

...said Steve Jobs. We love crazy people with big ideas about changing the world. We work with business leaders who are looking to challenge the status quo.  Business leaders who want to transform their organisations by automating growth, thereby reducing costs, increasing sales and maximising profit.

YOU HAVE a bold vision for your company’s future BUT you have hit a ceiling. YOU KNOW what got you here won’t get you there AND THAT automated systems are more scalable than people.

YOU WANT to increase the value of your business WHILST remaining lean. YOU WANT predictable growth, WITHOUT the stress.

Artificial Intelligence  Will Create 2.3 Million Jobs in 2020, While Eliminating 1.8 Million

Source: Gartner

Do you want a new job or no job?

How can we help you on your growth journey?

No business has nailed every part of their business automation; everyone is at different stages for different things. No matter where you are, as long as you want to head in the same direction, we would love to work with you. At stage 1 your growth is risky, unpredictable and very unlikely to scale. As you move along your growth journey you will start to make better decisions based on the analysis of more data. Your growth will be more predictable, investing in growth will be less risky and your business will be worth more. Over time you can find more and more decisions which can be automated. This will keep increasing predictability and the speed at which you can grow.

little data manual decisions

Growth 1.0

Manual decisions based on little or no data

Little or no formalised systems or processes. Little to no data on which to make a decision. Visibility of what is going on in your business, good or bad, is limited.

manual data manual decisions

Growth 2.0

Manual decisions based on manual data

Different systems, produce different reports. Information is manually collated and interpreted before decisions can be made. Reports are snapshots in time so always out of date.

automated data manual decisions

Growth 3.0 

Manual decisions based on automated data

Multiple systems feed data into dashboards to give instant visibility into what is happening in the business. Dashboards are always up to date so informed decisions can be made at any time.

automated data automated decisions

Growth 4.0

Automated decisions based on automated data

Dashboards help you monitor your business but the decisions are made by algorithms which will learn. Algorithms analyse more data than a human could ever understand, enabling more predictable business growth decisions.

The future is not written in case studies

We are happy to talk to you about how we have significantly increased the revenue, profits and business valuations of our clients. This work has led to successful acquisitions and a few nice pay days for  their shareholders. We didn't win their business with a case study and a case study won't win yours either. We work with business leaders who want to get there first; not follow their competitors by implementing a case study.

What do we do?



Insights turn a hunch into a strategy


This is what direction gets you to your goal


This is where the rubber hits the road

Insights help to continually increase the predictability of you achieving your goal within your desired timeframe and budget. Systemising your processes to continually collect more insights from customers, competitors and your own company will create shorter feedback loops to validate your goal and strategy whilst continually optimising your execution. Any issues with your goal, timeframe, budget, strategy or execution plan can be adjusted to prevent the consequences of failure.

Which strategy you need to take to achieve your goals is driven by the insights. There are many different strategies to achieve your goal so you need to choose the right one. A strategy with no insight is just a hunch. You should listen to your instincts but if you want predictable, low-risk growth you need to validate your hunch with insights.

Execution is when you take action on your strategy. You should start off with a focused prioritised list of tasks but be prepared to be flexible. The lowest risk and most predictable route to growth is to measure the success of all your execution. This generates insight which will help you to validate the strategy and keeps you focused on the tasks which help you to progress towards your goal.



If you are like us, the future doesn't scare you, it gets you excited. If you want to grow your business and get there first we would love to talk.

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