We believe the most important thing to grow in your business is productivity.

We are on a mission to help our customers provide more value to their customers, by figuring out the 20% of marketing that gets the 80% of results.

Our DIY marketing plan helps small businesses to attract more customers by adding more value, getting more marketing done and making weekly 1% improvements.

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Grow better and faster with weekly iterations

The compound effect of weekly improvements to your marketing means that with exactly the same amount of hours invested you get better results.

If you invested £100 and got 52% growth a year at the end of the first year you'd have £152.

If you invested £100 and got 1% growth a week at the end of the first year you'd have £168.

After 1 year you are 10.5% better off by getting 1% interest a week vs 52% a year. 

After 5 years you are 64% better off by getting 1% interest a week vs 52% a year.

It works the same with your marketing. The more often you improve, the better results you get.

How does it work?

We break marketing down into 12 areas and each week you spend 10 hours improving one of those areas to improve your marketing by 1%.

Each week you improve the way you attract customers by offering more value to them and increasing your productivity.

We call it the Customer Obsessed Growth System.

Who is it for?

Businesses anywhere in the world who want to grow their business in a better way.

It's not growth for the sake of making more money. It's growth for the sake of creating a bigger positive impact for your customers, employees, suppliers, partners and the wider world.

We have 3 different support options available. You can buy them all online.

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We are customer obsessed

Our success is our customers' success and their customers' success.

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