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There is a better way to grow...

Your ideal customers are the 20% that deliver 80% of your results.

You don't just need more customers, you need better customers. Learn why...

The 80/20 rule in marketing

Four new bad customers = 20% growth


Replace bad customers with ideal customers = 300% growth


How do I get more ideal customers?

Most businesses


The best businesses


Know your ideal customers and offer them more of what they value

How do I offer more value without going bust?


Does this describe you?


I want more ideal customers


I want to offer them more value


I don't want to go out business trying to do it


I make strategic decisions in the business & can approve the investment of 10 hours of the team's time a week & $320/£250/€290 per month

We can help


Marketing coaching program

We call it the Customer Obsessed Growth System
(or COGS for short).

COGS is a strategic marketing coaching to help your team attract more ideal customers. It helps you to add more value to your ideal customers so that more of them buy from you.


What our customers say...

The system provides a logical structure, helping us think deeply about what is truly important to our clients and how we can best serve them. We didn’t wait until the website got redesigned etc - it only took a week or two before we started talking about our business differently and people understood us better.
Nick Hixson
Managing Director, Hixsons Business Enablers - hixsons.co.uk

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