We believe the most important thing to grow in your business is productivity

We are on a mission to figure out the 20% of marketing that gets the 80% of the results.

Our DIY marketing plan helps small businesses to attract more customers by adding more value, getting more marketing done and making weekly 1% improvements.


Grow better, quicker with weekly iterations

The compound effect of weekly improvements to your marketing means exactly the same amount of hours invested you get more results.

If you invested £100 and you got 52% growth a year at the end of the first year you'd have £152

If you invested £100 and you got 1% growth a week at the end of the first year you'd have £168.

After 1 year you are 10.5% better off by getting 1% interest a week vs 52% a year 

After 5 year you are 64% better off by getting 1% interest a week vs 52% a year 

The same works with your marketing. The more often you improve the quicker you will improve.


How does it work?


A marketing agency should have more marketing experience than you but they will NEVER know your product/service as well as you.


We have built a hybrid alternative. Your great product knowledge combined with our marketing experience converted into a easy to follow DIY process that anyone in your company could follow with out marketing experience.


Our DIY marketing plan costs £250/$310/280€ per month and gives you a step by step guide to execute the most important marketing that you need to do to improve and grow your business.


It breaks marketing down into 12 areas and each week you spend 10 hours improving that one area to improve your business by 1%.


Each week you improve the way you attract more customer by offering more and more value by being increasing your productivity.


We call it the Customer Obsessed Growth System.



Who is it for?


Businesses anywhere in the world who want to grow their business in a better way. Not growth for the sake of making more money. Growth for the sake of creating a bigger positive impact for your customers, employees, suppliers, partners, communities and the planet.


You will be most or all of these things: a forward thinking tech led business with 5-50 employees, you have great customers service/after sales support,  you want to develop your people/business, you want to understand marketing better so you can have more control it, as the business owner you have had some involvement in your marketing but it is not your core area of expertise. Sound like you?


We have 3 different support options available to buy through an online store.



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We have tried to answer all the questions people normally ask us when buying our product below. If you have any a question that we have answered below please contact us.






The Customer Obsessed Growth System is step by step marketing plan that anyone without marketing experience can follow.

If you buy it today you will get access to a folder in a personal Google Drive for your business which we will give you access to each weekly chapter one at a time. When you have finished one week you will get access to the next. 

Each week your task will be to follow a step by step plan answering questions about your business. Each week is a blend of strategy and execution. The first couple of weeks are pretty strategy heavy but it get more balanced after the first few weeks.

You get to keep access to the google folder so you can refer back to or update previous weekly tasks if you want to.

In the long term, we will convert the Google Doc worksheet into a learning management system (LMS). We initially started building COGS in the LMS but we keep improving it each time one of our customers goes through each chapter we decided to keep in in Google Docs for now.

We are currently provided support in two ways.

  • If you choose the DIY option you can request support through the worksheet by assigning an action item to us.
  • If you choose the guided option you get online support as above but also a weekly support call with one of the LexisClick team to help and review your progress that week.

In the future, we want to build a support forum so you can

  1. Search to see if anyone has had that question before and get an instant answer
  2. Ask the question so that either LexisClick or one of your peers could answer the question for you.

The support forum we believe will give you instant access to the best answer possible for every question we have ever been asked.


There are 3 options to cater to different business needs. All three options use the same system - the thing that changes is the level of assistance you would like on top.

All the options are designed for businesses with 5-50 employees looking to grow their business and have identified that marketing and sales are one of their issues.

We want all our customer to be on the DIY option and do it in house eventually but we are happy to give you some additional assistance to get the ball rolling till you can take it back off us.


DIY option - £250 per month

Who is it for?

Any business where the business owner or strategic leader can commit 2 hours per week to growing their business and they have an employee who is capable of following instructions to work on this for 8 hours a week.

What do you get?

  • Access to the Customer Obsessed Growth System 

  • Unlimited online support from your peers and industry

Supported option - £780 per month

Who is it for?

Any business who would like some additional support above the DIY option where the business owner or strategic leader can commit 2 hours per week to growing their business and they have an employee who is capable of following instructions to work on this for 8 hours a week. 

What do you get?

  • Access to the Customer Obsessed Growth System 

  • Unlimited online support from your peers and industry

  • 1 hour per week support call to help or review anything that has been or needs to be worked on

Done for you option - £3800 per month

Who is it for?

A business who hasn't currently got the resource to get the work done in-house but is going to planning to recruit someone in the next 12 months. This will be a temporary arrangement to assist and get things started. We want you to reduce the amount you pay us to one of the cheaper options because, in the long run, it will be cheaper and better for your business for you to do it in-house. 

What do you get?

  • Access to the Customer Obsessed Growth System 

  • Unlimited online support 

  • 30-minute call with the business leader for them to answer strategic questions about business and to update on progress

  • 30-minute call with someone in the business to help answer questions about business & industry

  • 8 hours of work per week done for you to carry out the activities in each weeks module
These are the 12 areas we cover in the system. You will loop through these areas every 12 weeks.
  • Transparency
  • Good customer fit
  • Your value to your customers
  • Helping new customers
  • Building your community
  • Helping customers buy
  • Reduce friction for customers
  • Welcoming new customers
  • Valued relationships
  • Providing value at every interaction
  • Customer Care
  • Customers for life

They are grouped into 4 areas, know, like, trust and value

  • Know
    • Helping new customers
    • Building your community
    • Welcoming new customers
  • Like
    • Good customer fit
    • Helping customers buy
    • Reduce friction for customers
  • Trust
    • Transparency
    • Valued relationships
    • Customer Care
  • Value
    • Your value to your customers
    • Providing value at every interaction
    • Customers for life

Productivity is the highest level measure of a business' ability to create value.

If you asked an economist to measure how productive your business was they would probably choose Gross Value Added (GVA) per a unit of input usually per employee but could be something else.

This roughly equates to 

Output revenue minus expenses divided by number of employees.

Technically it is

Revenue/sales minus Intermediate consumption divided by number of employees

You can benchmark your company again other similar companies using this Office of national statistics calculator

The best companies can have a GVA per employee of £250,000 or more most will be much less.






However, you decide to measure the output of your business knowing the net value create per employee is a great benchmark to compare you with any other business.

We will charge you a monthly fee by card or Direct debit on or just after the day you sign up. We will bill you monthly in advance for whatever package you sign up for in whatever way you choose.

In the first month if you decide it is not right for you then we will give you a full refund.

After the first month, you are free to cancel at any point and this will stop the next month's payment is collected.

You are free to continue using the system until the end of the month you have paid in advance for, even when you have cancelled your subscription but no refund will be given for any part month.

It is just as simple to cancel as it is to sign up. It is all through an online portal you can do it yourself without talking to us.

It is not compulsory but we would appreciate it if you could let us know why you want to cancel so we can see if we can resolve your problem both for you and anyone else who may have that problem. Even if we fix it, you are still free to leave but you would be helping all our other current and future customers.

Customer obsession is when you increase the demand for your product or service by obsessing over providing value for your customers.

Some of the biggest, forward thinking large enterprises have adopted this as part of who they are. We are trying to help SME business to grow their business by taking customer first/ focused/centricity and making them customer obsessed.

We initially thought we had invented the terminology. We spent a couple of hours of patting ourselves on the back thinking we were the best thing since sliced bread. We then ran a couple of google searches and found out we didn't invent the terminology. 😞

It is not all bad these are some of the biggest and best companies in the world who can argue about who invented it. My money is on Amazon.

In the 12 years that LexisClick has been in business, we've worked with over 100 SME businesses and got to know them well. Some have achieved these levels of success and more, while others haven't.

We wanted to understand what set the success stories apart.

We identified 3 common traits:

  • They knew what they were the best in the world at
  • They had a laser focus on their customers
  • They had systemised their marketing and sales

All these businesses had grown successfully year after year, through good times and bad. We had sat in board meetings with them, met all of their senior management and built their marketing and sales systems.

Just like our business a focus on their customers is something they all have in common and drives the decisions they make.

We realised that this success is a business system that starts with the customer, rather than a shortcut, luck or rocket science.

While building the system a constant theme kept coming up - "Customer Obsession" because every business says they are customer focused, but only the truly committed can be Customer Obsessed. So the Customer Obsessed Growth System was the name we gave it.

We then started researching customer obsession and found someone had already thought of it before us - Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon. 

That was the final proof we needed - we were on to something big.

So that's the back story. If you want to hear more about it, we'll happily share more stories. Just get in touch.

Yes and no.

We believe that the core of your marketing should be done in house. (FYI we have been a marketing agency for 12 years and still are).

If you use our system our goal is to show you how to do the 20% that gets you 80% of the results.

There will always be a need for agencies because our system won't cover everything you need to know. It covers all the regular activities everyone should be doing all the time.

Some of the occasional marketing activities not included in this system will still require specialist knowledge you will probably want to outsource to an agency because it may not justify the cost of employing somebody with a specialist skill that you don't use very often or training somebody to do something they don't do very often.

Where ever possible we will simplify as many of the things you need to do that we can so you can do them yourself.

For even more information read our article on Should I outsource my marketing?




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