Two simple things every business can always improve

Improve how you do these two things faster than anyone else and you can achieve ANYTHING.

  • Understand your ideal customers
  • Provide them with the most value 

Click on an area of your business and learn how you could improve.

Improve sales

The underlying problem

  • Not enough of the right people see the value in what you are selling

Understand your ideal customer better

Define and understand your ideal customer better than anyone else. Then make sure that what you sell solves their problems better than anyone else. Not everybody will buy from you, but your ideal customers will only want to buy from you.

Provide more value to your ideal customer than anyone else

It goes without saying you should provide a lot of value to your customers. The reason you don’t get enough sales is that you don’t offer enough value to your ideal customers before they become customers.

Provide more value to your ideal customer every week before they pay you any money. When they are ready to buy, who are they going to buy from? YOU.

Increase your profit

The underlying problems

  • You don't charge enough money
  • You don't have enough customers
  • Your productivity is low

Understand your ideal customer better

If you are selling your product/service to someone who only values 50% of it, then they will only want to pay 50% of the price. You need to understand who your ideal customer is and what challenges they face. If they value 100% of what you sell them, they'll happily pay 100% of what you charge for it.

Provide more value to your ideal customer than anyone else

If you have a stronger value proposition for your ideal customer than anyone else they will pay a fair a price for that value.

To attract more ideal customers become their most valuable business resource.

They will be drawn to you like a magnet.

Help them week in and week out to be better at their job.

Who are they going to buy from when they need what you sell?


If you spread your fixed costs across more customers, this will increase your profit margin.

Measure the effectiveness of everything. When you know what isn't providing value reallocate your efforts to what is. Keep doing this and it will keep improving your productivity and profitability.

Increase your repeat business

The underlying problems

  • You are fixing your customers’ problem and they are moving on because they've solved their problem
  • Your value proposition isn't strong enough to keep your customers long term

Understand your ideal customer better

When you understand your customers better than anyone else you can keep providing them with solutions.

Provide more value to your ideal customer than anyone else

If you have fixed their problem and they don't need you anymore then they are in a perfect place to buy something else from you.

Figure out what other problems they have that you can solve and sell them some more value.

What else do they need from you to ensure their problem doesn't return? What will make sure you are the first company they call when they have that problem again?

Improve the results from marketing

The underlying problems

  • You're focusing on the wrong marketing activities
  • Your marketing activities aren't as productive as they could be
  • You're in a very competitive market, where it is expensive to compete

Understand your ideal customer better

How well targeted is your marketing to your ideal customer? £100 to generate 50 clicks on an advert is a waste of money if none of the 50 clicks are from your ideal customers. Often less is more. Identify the specific problems that your ideal customers face and provide the help they need  to overcome those problems. Stop trying to help everyone and focus on your ideal customers.

Provide more value to your ideal customers than anyone else

What value does your marketing provide to your ideal customers? If you're just telling them what you sell and why they should buy from you then you are not providing much value.

Telling your ideal customer to buy your stuff is not valuable to them. 

Instead help them to understand what their problem is, how to decide what type of solution to buy and to understand the differences between the different options.

You should aim to help everyone who could buy what you sell to make the right decision. If your competitor is better for a customer than you, then that customer isn't your ideal customer. Don’t try to sell to them. If you tell the wrong customers to buy somewhere else then your ideal customers will trust you even more and will buy from you.

Improve the number of quality leads you get from your website

The underlying problem

  • You're not attracting the right visitors to your website
  • You're not giving them compelling reasons to get in touch or hand over their details
  • You don't have the right calls-to-action in the right places

Understand your ideal customer better

Map out the journey your customers go through whilst buying what you sell. Work out the problems your ideal customer is trying to solve at every stage.

A simple place to start is with these 3 sections

  1. Ideal customers who don’t know they have a problem yet
  2. Ideal customers who have a problem, but don’t know how to fix it
  3. Ideal customers who know how to fix their problem, but haven't decided which solution to buy/where to buy it

Provide more value to your ideal customer than anyone else

Make sure your website has content that helps to solve each and every problem they face while buying what you sell. Offer more value by doing it better than anyone else in the world. Answer every question they have ever had. Answer those questions better and more honestly than anyone else.

When you provide more value than anyone else to help your ideal customers make the right buying decision and your website will generate you all the leads you need.

Retain more customers

The underlying problems

  • The wrong people are buying from you
  • You are under-delivering on their expectations
  • You're not giving them enough of a reason to remain

Understand your ideal customer better

Define who your ideal customer is and what their expectations are. Evaluate if the customers who are leaving are ideal or not. If they are not ideal then find some more ideal customers to replace them. If they are ideal customers then you need to work out how you can provide more value to retain their business.

Provide more value to your ideal customer than anyone else

You need to focus on providing more value to your ideal customers. Understand the value they place on what you sell. Lose what they don't value and improve what they do value. When you've done this identify what else you can offer them that they would value. Learn fast to drop the things they don’t value and focus on doing more of what they do value.

Exceed your ideal customer's expectations

The underlying problems

  • You do not understand your customers' expectations
  • You're not meeting your customers' expectations
  • You might be selling to the wrong customers

Understand your ideal customer better

Make sure you understand who your ideal customers are. If they're the ones scoring you low on customer satisfaction then you have a big problem. 

If it's the non-ideal customers scoring you low, it's not such a big problem. If their suggestions will help improve customer satisfaction for your ideal customers then make those improvements.

Just don't change your business to suit the people who should not be doing business with you.

Provide more value to your ideal customers than anyone else

Make sure you accurately communicate your value proposition before they buy and ensure you don't mislead them or exaggerate anything. 

If you clearly communicate your value proposition to your ideal customer and you deliver what you said you would, it should fix the problem.

Improve anything by understanding your customers and providing more value

To improve anything in your business you need to invest time either time, cash or both.

Focus on understanding your ideal customer and providing them value. You will then achieve your financial goals in less time. This gives you options about what to do with the extra time.


  • Invest the time into generating more cash to fund capital improvements
  • Invest time into improving your operations
  • Invest the cash/time in other things outside of growing your business
If you get this right you will be able to
  • Invest in your own personal development to improve your leadership skill
  • Invest in your staff - training/compensation/wellbeing
  • Invest time building relationships with potential investors
  • Attracting more staff to your business
  • R&D to improve what you offer to your ideal customers
  • Whatever else you what to improve

Everyone has the same number of hours in the day. If you focus on providing more value to your ideal customer it will generate more cash and free up more time. You can invest you extra capacity into in whatever is important to you. You have options.