The financial benefits of focusing on your ideal customer  

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You can edit any of the underlined sections from the past and it will calculate what the next 12 months could look like.


The past 12 months

achieved in revenue last year from customers.

They are targeting £ of new business in the next 12 months.

They spent roughly £ on marketing last year and won new customers.

Their ideal customers are worth £ per year.

But their average customers are only worth £5000 per year.

It costs them £2000 to acquire a new customer, whether they are ideal or not.

The next 12 months

Option 1: Keep doing what they are doing

Spend £53000 to win 53 more average customers and achieve their £200,000 target.

Option 2: Focus on their ideal customers, spend less & still hit their target

Spend £40000 to win 40 ideal customers and still achieve their £200,000 target.

Option 3: Focus on their ideal customers, spend the same & exceed their target

Spend £53000 to win 60 ideal customers worth £530000, exceeding their target of £200,000 by 100%.

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