We work with owner-managed consultancies to package your expertise into products, so your team can sell and deliver projects as well as you, without you.

Doing this makes your consultancy more scalable, more valuable and less dependent on you,  allowing you to put your expertise to work on your business and enjoy time away from it. 

For successful independent consultants, building a team is the clear next step. 

It looks like a sensible step, but it can actually be a trap because when you’re the expert, it’s hard to delegate the sales and delivery of projects to other team members who don't have your expertise.

That's the position we found ourselves in. LexisClick was founded by Stephen Bavister, who grew the business from two to twenty to support the growth he was driving for his customers.  From the day the company was formed, the business was reliant on Stephen's expertise to deliver the results our customers expect from the services we deliver.

Despite LexisClick generating over £200 million in growth for our customers, the business hit a growth ceiling. 

Our major turning point was when Stephen realised he was the problem. The business was too dependent on him. 

Stephen and the team immediately began looking for ways to design the business to not rely on him.

It took us over 3 years and more than £250,000 to find a reliable solution - we needed to productise our offerings.

As a result of successfully transitioning to a productised consultancy model, we’ve made it our mission to help other owner-managed consultancies make their businesses less dependent on the owner, more scalable and more valuable by productising their services.


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