6 people from 3 countries living in 2 continents united around 1 mission.

To help businesses add more value to their ideal customers.



We believe the more value you provide to your ideal customers the more of them will buy from you.

Yes, we'd like to sell you our system when you're ready to buy it, but you probably aren't ready to buy yet. Before you buy from us, you need to know, like and trust us. That's why we try and provide as much value to our ideal customers as we possibly can without charging a penny.

Our ideal customer is an SME business owner who doesn't just need what we sell, they believe what we believe. 

There are 1001 strategies to grow your business. We focus on just one.

Understand who your ideal customer is, then provide more and more value every single week. Forever.

If you do this you will attract more and more of your ideal customers. Eventually, you will be the best in the world at what you do and every one of your ideal customers will buy from you. We know it works, because we've helped quite a few companies do it.

The better you get, the harder it is to improve. That's why we're here to keep raising the bar and giving you the technique to clear it. 

We don't sell get rich quick schemes, silver bullets or short cuts. We do help you find and do the 20% that gets you 80% of the results, so you attract and retain more of your ideal customers. 

We probably won't tell you much you haven't heard before. What we will do is get your team focused on what you know you should be doing, but probably aren't.

Let's get to know each other better

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Our people are our greatest assets 

Stephen Bavister

Stephen "LexisClick" Bavister is our fearless leader. He founded LexisClick in 2005. He loves a robust process. He actually wrote the book on customer obsession. Steve loves spending time with his family, walks with his dog and surfing when he gets a chance to fit it in! It goes without saying he loves our customers too...

Agnes Kulig

As the longest serving employee Agnes is the queen of LexisClick. She loves Google Adwords, making sure we have our time planned properly and keeping the office plants alive. Some of the plants even manage to stay alive after she's been on holiday. Agnes loves unicorns and holidays in sunny places.

Dee Gopalarathnam

Dee used to live just around the corner from our Bournemouth office and then realised it rains too much, so she moved back to India where it sometimes rains even more. She tried to commute, but it got a bit much, so now she works remotely. Dee is our resident social media and blogging expert. Dee loves seeing new places and sending us sunshine from India.

George Kellaway

Our resident "Stephen Spielberg" in the making. George is the man behind our weekly video. He is also our resident BS detector. We run all our messaging through George to sniff out the stinky stuff. George loves sci-fi and wants to build a bot.

Chris Heffer

Chris is always trying to figure out what is next and is not afraid to challenge the status quo. Constantly curious, Chris asks a lot of questions and comes up with a lot of ideas. Fortunately for us plenty of them are good. He is our customer advocate and makes sure everything we do is customer obsessed. He used to be a DJ and is partial to a good tune.

Callum Rylance

What started as a placement turned into an apprenticeship. Callum is fast becoming the wordsmith and creator behind a lot of our content. He runs his own clothing labels and tshirt printing business on the side. He loves clothes with labels on.

Every single one of us could earn more money working somewhere else but we all love what we do.