About us

Our vision

Consultants solve some of the world's most important problems. To have the biggest possible impact, these problems must be solved at scale. 

That’s why we envision a world where small consultancies can scale the outcomes they deliver efficiently by avoiding inherent issues with traditional consultancy models. To achieve this, it is vital that consultancies are not dependent on their founders; the solutions they provide are scalable, and they can get traction in their markets fast.

Our mission is to empower consultancies to scale the outcomes they deliver by efficiently solving the problems that many face.

Our ultimate goal is to free up the consultants we work with to solve new problems whilst enabling others to continue implementing solutions that their expertise helped create.

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Our Story

Since 2007 we’ve generated over £200 million in growth for customers around the globe by implementing business growth strategies centred around digital marketing solutions. Yet, we struggled to achieve similar growth rates for our consultancy through the same strategies that provided such immense growth for our clients. So we dedicated three years to researching the differences between what we were doing and our best-performing customers to understand how we could replicate their success.

In the process of researching and testing what works and what doesn’t, we found that many of the things that were holding back our growth were also affecting other small consultancies across a huge variety of industries. 

Finally, we arrived at the core issue; our consultancy wasn’t designed to scale. It was too dependent on its owner, the niches we defined were too wide to get traction, and we offered bespoke solutions to bespoke problems. 

We created systems to fix all these issues and engineer Stephen, the founder and owner, out of the consultancy. By doing this, we designed a powerful set of products to help other consultancies fix these same issues much faster than we had. The products we designed enable consultancies to scale up and free the founders to spend their time working on the business, not in it. This has inspired our mission to share this knowledge with other consultants around the globe so that they can scale their impact. 

We learned that running and scaling a consultancy can be tough...

Before we made the fundamental changes to our own consultancy and adopted a productised consultancy model, we were a generalist digital marketing agency. We “specialised” in helping small and medium-sized businesses with anything from high-level strategy and campaign planning, to website builds and advertising management.

As a small team, we were often stretched thin and relied on referrals for most of our work. With so many services to offer and more competitors than we could ever count, we struggled to position ourselves effectively in the marketplace, meaning our own sales and marketing efforts reaped very little rewards. 

We thought we had a well-defined market, but the reality was we’d work with almost anyone as long as we were confident we could help them. The business was reliant on Stephen, the founder, for the sale and delivery of every project, without him there was effectively no business. This meant he was always overloaded with work, struggled to delegate it and was often a bottleneck in scaling the company.

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We spent over 15 years...

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Struggling to make our own sales and marketing work.

We couldn’t replicate the amazing results we delivered for our clients for ourselves.

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Constantly over-servicing our clients.

 Although we charged hourly, we often lost money by delivering outside of scope, to keep clients happy.

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Relying on our owner to sell & deliver projects.

Our projects relied on the expertise of our owner, so we were always waiting on him. 

Our big turning point

We spent over 3 years researching and testing ways to sell our services online without needing Stephen’s input in every project. The big turning point came when we recognised we didn’t need to reinvent the wheel; we just needed to focus on what we were already good at. We began packaging up services we had been delivering for years into products with a clearly defined outcome, price and name. Through testing these products, we also found a well-defined market that needed them as much as we did; owner-managed consultancies employing teams of 2 to 20 people. 

Simplifying what we offered and who we offered it to allowed us to arrive at valuable outcomes for our customers much faster. It also allowed us to fully systemise the sales and delivery of each product. Within a few months, the most junior member of our team was selling and delivering our products, which would previously have been done by the most senior members of the team. This moment proved that our services could be sold and delivered without the owner's input. 

We knew we’d achieved a massive shift in the business when:

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Our owner wasn't a bottleneck.

Junior members of our team could sell and deliver projects as well as the owner.

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We stopped selling by the hour.

We could confidently sell outcome-based, fixed price projects profitably.

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Our sales & marketing worked.

We began generating high quality leads through our sales and marketing.

The future we want.

With a market we love serving, a great team, strong systems and products that deliver outcomes we’re proud of - we have a business that can scale the impact we make in the world. 

We scale our impact by scaling our customers' impact. 

Are you a consultancy we can help scale? Do you want to:

  • Increase the impact your consultancy makes?
  • Stop struggling to scale your consultancy?
  • Achieve your business goals without sacrificing more of your life?
  • Increase the value of your consultancy so that it represents all the time you’ve invested in it?
  • Make changes to achieve your goals?
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Our wider impact

For each product our customers purchase, we support two of the UN Goals for Sustainable Development:
1. No Poverty and 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth.
We are also committed to being a Net Zero carbon neutral company by the end of 2023.
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