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Focus on Value, not Success

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How do you provide value to prospects before they become paying customers?🤔

Value creation is the primary aim of any business entity.

As Albert Einstein said:


“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value”


The same principle applies to business. 

Value creates demand that attracts and retains customers.

The tricky part is providing the value to non paying customers in a way that generates paying customers profitably.


My colleague Chris has a great story he wanted to share in this weeks email.

Over to Chris:

"I started my career as a pretty average salesperson and eventually realised my passion lay in marketing and not sales. 

It took a few interviews, but I worked my sales skills and landed my dream job in marketing. 

As the years went by whenever I had a marketing question, I did what everyone else does and googled the answers.

There was one website that kept coming up everytime I searched.


Each time I learnt something from HubSpot, it made me think 'if they give me this much help without asking for anything in return, being a customer is probably amazing!'

5 years after the first time I learnt something from Hubspot I got an interview for a more senior marketing role.

When the question came up 'What would you do to grow the business?'

I said I wanted to buy HubSpot.

I got the job and we bought HubSpot. 

No alternatives were considered, we didn't even look once.

The company never looked back and because of that decision, it grew and to this day continues to grow.

A few years later in my next job, I bought Hubspot again.

No comparison quotes, no shopping around, no alternatives considered.

The easiest sale that salesperson has ever made."

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As you can tell from Chris’ story if a company provides significant value to a potential customer, that potential customer can buy into your company long before they are ever actually ready to buy.

All that value you provide helps new people to know you, like you and trust you.

All of these help build a relationship with the customer, before they have even realised your product can help them solve a problem they have.

Knowing your customers and understanding their problems is the first step in this journey. When you understand their problems you can begin providing value and solutions to them, just like HubSpot did for Chris. 

A customer has a problem and you provide them with a solution, is the fundamental principle of business and it should also be a key part of your marketing strategy. 

Want to add more value to your customers? We can help you.

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