Lead Generation For Consulting Businesses

We build systems that generate qualified leads and sales meetings for consultancies.

We partner with owners of small consultancies who want to grow their impact and value. By identifying a highly profitable niche and building a bespoke lead generation and sales system, we help you realise your growth aspirations. Our mission is to empower you to scale your consultancy, offering systems you own and guaranteeing results.

We work closely with you to attract and win ideal customers, enabling the creation of a more valuable consultancy for you, your customers, and your team.

Take the first step: Join our FREE lead generation strategy workshop.

Free lead gen strategy workshop
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We get you the right leads. That means the right person at the right company, with the right problem

Guaranteed results
We guarantee you get qualified leads every month at the right level for your growth.
Transparent pricing
Clear pricing for all our services is available on our website.
DIY to fully managed solutions
We’ll teach you how to do everything yourself, or we can take care of all the details, ensuring qualified leads for your business consistently.
Free lead gen strategy workshop

How does it work?


Step 1 - Book a free lead generation strategy workshop

Join a free group strategy workshop with other consulting business owners. Learn about common mistakes, the essential components of a successful lead generation system, and create a sales forecast for expected results.


Free lead gen strategy workshop

Step 2 - Decide if our approach is right for you

We empower consultancies to scale their impact by defining and attracting their ideal audience. Our mission is tailored to help you convert prospects into ideal clients. Learn more in our Free Lead Generation Strategy Workshop.

Join our Free Lead Generation Strategy Workshop to learn more about our approach. 

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Step 3 - Choose the service that best fits your needs

90-Day Consultancy Accelerator: A fully managed solution for ambitious growth, starting from £2,999/month.

Lead Generation System Build: Step-by-step testing of your niche and our approach, starting with a Niche Identifier Workshop and then progressing into building your Lead Generation System to test your niche, with 10 guaranteed good fit leads. 

Consultancy Lead Generation Masterclass: Done-with-you solution to build a self-managed lead generation system.

The Consultancy Growth Club: DIY solution with 24x7 access to courses and a community of peers.

Frequently asked questions

All of our products and services deliver results backed by guarantees. Our guarantees vary depending on the service chosen. Detailed guarantees are provided on each product page.

Yes, we work with you to define what constitutes a qualified lead, ensuring they meet agreed-upon criteria.

Our specialisation in consulting businesses, along with guaranteed results and quality, sets us apart. We focus on building systems you own and identifying profitable niches.

We build a lead generation system tailored to your niche, using digital adverts and prospecting services across LinkedIn, email and telephone, as well as developing processes to convert leads into sales opportunities.

NOTE: We only provide these services to consulting businesses.

Our definition of a consultancy is a business that sells its expertise and advice, typically on a time-for-money basis. You may also call your business an agency, a practice or a firm.

Our consultancy customers typically have customers or clients worth at least £6,000 per year and a customer lifetime value in excess of £30,000.

With our range of services, from The Consultancy Growth Club to the 90-Day Accelerator, we have something to fit you whether you are a single-person consultancy starting out on its journey or a 30-person consultancy with millions in revenue. 

Ready to get started?

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