Lead Generation For Consulting Businesses

We build you a system that guarantees to generate your first 20 qualified leads or your money back

Then we guarantee an agreed number of qualified leads a month for a fixed price.

We work with owners of small consultancies who want to grow, identify a highly profitable niche campaign and build a lead generation system to prove the niche can deliver on its potential.

We build systems you own and offer guaranteed results because it's our mission to empower you to scale your consultancy.

We work with you to attract and win your ideal customers, that you can deliver to at scale so that you can build a more valuable consultancy for you, your customers and your team.

Free lead gen strategy workshop
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We get you the right leads. That means the right person at the right company, with the right problem

Guaranteed results
We guarantee qualified leads every month at a level you've agreed with us.
Fixed price
We cover the costs for any software and advertising needed to generate the results.
Fully managed solution
We take care of all the details. Qualified leads for your business month in month out.
Free lead gen strategy workshop

How does it work?


Step 1 - Book a free lead generation strategy workshop

Join a free group strategy workshop with a maximum of five other consulting business owners like you. In the workshop, one of our lead generation experts will take you through some of the most common mistakes you need to avoid. Plus, the essential components of building a system to generate the right leads to scale your consulting business and a sales forecast to show you the results you can expect.


Free lead gen strategy workshop

Step 2 - Niche identified

GUARANTEED RESULTS: A niche identified (the problem you will solve & audience you solve it for) that you are confident in and passes our 10 point validation test. If not, we will rerun the workshop or refund you.

3-hour Niche Identifier Workshop™️ to identify which niche we should focus on to generate the leads that you want. 

£1,320 + VAT one-off cost.
(Join our free lead gen strategy workshop to claim your 50% discount code.)


Free lead gen strategy workshop
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Step 3 - Lead generation system built

GUARANTEE: We will get 20 qualified leads to give you their contact details. A qualified lead is the right person, at the right company, with interest in the problem you solve. If we generate fewer leads than the target, we will offer you a pro-rata refund based on how many leads we have generated.

We will build a system to generate leads and validate your niche by generating 20 new email addresses of people interested in your value proposition. We create a highly targeted lead magnet and use LinkedIn ads to get it in front of your ideal customers to generate the leads.


£4,400 + VAT one-off cost.

Free lead gen strategy workshop
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Step 4 - Qualified leads generated and nurtured every month 

GUARANTEE: An agreed number of qualified leads generated each month (usually 20). Your leads will be the right person at the right company with the right problem. We will also build and manage a lead nurture system to nurture leads to sales conversations, so that non of your leads are wasted.

We will manage your lead generation and nurture systems to ensure you get your agreed number of qualified leads each month. This cost includes the software and ad spend required.

£1,750 + VAT per month subscription service.


Free lead gen strategy workshop

Frequently asked questions

As part of our customer onboarding process, we run a workshop to understand your business in more detail to make sure we think we can help you (and that you agree).

We only take on customers where we are confident we can deliver results. If we cannot deliver the results we promise, we have provided details on the guarantees we provide below. 

Niche Identifier workshop

We can not find you a niche that we are all confident is right

We have a 10 step validation criteria for the niche, which covers a variety of things, some are about you/your opinions, and some are for us to decide if we think it will work. If we come up with a niche that does not pass the validation checks, we will either rerun the workshop or offer you a refund - it's up to you.

Lead generation system build

We guarantee 20 leads from the setup of the system. If we can not deliver the 20 new leads, you are welcome to a pro-rata refund, but here are a few situations when alternatives might be worth considering.

There are two likely reasons why it will not have worked: a combination of wrong message or wrong audience or not enough people have seen the message.

Wrong message or audience

We will make some assumptions in the workshop based on your knowledge of what you sell and who you sell it to, combined with our experience working with other consultancy businesses. It is in everyone's interest to get it working the first time around. If it doesn't work, we will call a meeting to discuss the data gathered and agree on the next steps. We will need to revisit the assumptions made in the workshop and evaluate what to do next. 

Not enough advertising budget

We allow £350 ad spend for the testing of the lead generation system. The only way to 100% know how much money it will need to generate leads is to run the adverts. We shouldn't need to spend all this budget to get data back from your target audience on how they respond to your message. If you are happy with the quality of the leads we are generating, it may be worth considering increasing the ad budget. For example, we might generate 15 leads you are happy with, and the budget has run out. We will provide an estimate for the costs to generate 5 more leads. You can decide if you would like to pay to continue running the tests, or we can offer a pro-rata refund and stop working together.

Lead generation monthly subscription service

We can not generate enough leads 

We guarantee 20 leads each month. If we do not hit 20 in a month, we can discuss the different options to decide what you would like to do.

  • Carry forward the balance and increase the goal for the following month, e.g. 80% of the target hit next month's target would be 120%.
  • Prorata refund on the meetings not booked, e.g. 80% of target hit, we provide a 20% refund, and you continue with the service.
  • Prorata refund and cancel the service.


Our goal is to build a scalable system that achieves a minimum of 20 leads per month. Once we have hit that goal for a couple of months, we can discuss what else we could do to ramp up the system to generate more meetings.

At a high level, there are two things to work on:

  • Getting more people in the top of the funnel
  • Increase the conversion rate through the funnel.

Once we have hit the initial target and learnt how your audience responds to your message, we can discuss how to scale up the system.

We will work with you to define a qualified lead.

We run a workshop with you to work out the answers to these three questions

  • Who is the right person (job role) you want to talk to
  • Right company
  • Right problem

The leads will meet the criteria we've agreed with you, have given their contact details to you, and show interest in the problem you solve. 


There is a broad spectrum of different companies that can generate leads for various types of businesses. 

We specialise in providing this service to consulting businesses, which is unique as far as we know.

We found two problems with all the lead generation companies we have found - no guaranteed results or no guarantee that the leads will be any good.

We offer a guaranteed quantity AND guaranteed quality.

We also build systems that you own and work with you to identify and prove a profitable niche market that you can lead - to increase the value of your consultancy.

As part of the set-up for the lead generation service, we run a workshop to  

  • Identify an audience to target
  • The problem they have that you can fix

If you work with us, we offer guarantees at every stage. If we do not deliver, you can request a refund or pro-rata refund if we have delivered some but not all of what was guaranteed.

If you do not think this makes us different, then please let us know.

We work with you to figure out what sort of leads you should be generating for your business. The right leads will help you grow your business, not just keep you busy!

As part of the Niche Identifier Workshop, we will identify an uncontested niche you're passionate about pursuing.

We will build a lead generation system using digital adverts to generate leads that are interested in what you offer.


NOTE: We only work with consulting businesses.

Our definition of a consultancy is a business that sells its expertise and advice, typically on a time for money basis. You may also call your business an agency, a practice or a firm.

The consultancies we work with typically have customers worth at least £6,000 per year.

You will need to have sold whatever you want us to generate leads for and have or could have at least one strong case study.

The more case studies you have, the better we can help you.

Our services are particularly suited to owner-managed consulting businesses that turn over £200k-2m a year with 3-20 employees.

At the end of the niche identifier workshop, we will review what we have come up with to ensure it meets these criteria. If it doesn't, we will either rerun the workshop or offer you a full refund of the cost of the workshop.

  1. Are you passionate about solving this problem for these people?
  2. Have you got at least one example where you have done this before?
  3. Would it be profitable to focus on doing just this?
  4. Do you think there are enough people in this niche to achieve your business goals for the next 12 months or more?
  5. If you focus on this niche, could you become the best in the world at it?
  6. Can you be in a top 3 position in the market within the next six months?
  7. Could you delegate the sales and delivery of this work to someone less experienced than you?
  8. Is what you’re offering sufficiently different to the competitors meaning you can define a compelling message and irresistible offer?
  9. Are your ideal customers looking to fix the problem that you have identified?
  10. Can we find enough people on LinkedIn to target?
    1. Min 2-3k, Ideally 10-20k, Max 30k

The word leads mean different things to different people, so here is our definition.

Our definition of a lead is 

  • Right person
  • Right company
  • Implied problem

We will generate leads by creating an asset people will give their contact details to get access.

When they fill out the form, we will know their job title and company to qualify if they are the right person at the right company.

We know they have an implied problem because they will have filled out a form to download something like a checklist titled "10 ways to fix <INSERT THEIR PROBLEM>".


Ready to get started?

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