Escape the dreaded
"Feast and Famine"
cycle with a constant flow of leads.

The PROVEN SYSTEM for consultancies that finally delivers you good fit leads,
message-market fit and a business asset that generates results even while you sleep.

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NO WASTED TIME. This tailor-made system gives consultancy owners like you everything that has been missing from non-specialist lead generation and marketing providers.

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No random acts of marketing

Swap the constant waste of your time and money on marketing that goes nowhere with message-market fit that drives results across all your marketing.

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Learn fast and

Pinpoint what works for you and what doesn’t so that you don’t waste any more of your valuable time on content and social marketing that just does not hit the mark.

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A lead generation engine

Do not give up on your ambitious growth goals. Work with us to get a flow of leads that you will be confident can power your future growth.

Built for you by a consultancy that has already cracked this code.

Achieve your goals faster with a system that will generate more leads for you in a month than in a previous best ever year, at a fraction of the effort or cost.

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The reliable method to achieve message-market fit

Fast, efficient and low cost

Your advertising, lead generation offer, and CRM optimised for 3d visibility on your lead generation performance delivered within four weeks.

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An accurate plan for growth

No more smoke and mirrors marketing; now you can systemise your lead generation and calculate an accurate cost per acquisition to plan your growth.

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Near risk-free

Your risk is eliminated with a pro-rata money-back guarantee covering most of your investment if the system fails to produce results for you.

What do you get?

Are you one of the many consultancies struggling to generate reliable results from your marketing?

Don’t worry. We’ve been there too, and we’re marketing experts!

When you’re busy delivering for your customers, it is practically impossible to fit marketing and business development into your already packed days. Then the work finishes, and you’ve got to land the next deal to keep food on the table. You wish you had a pipeline of new business, but you have to hustle to bring in the work and pay the bills.

The real issue is that you don’t currently have a message that cuts through all the noise and grabs your ideal customers’ attention. You also haven’t systemised your marketing so that it happens no matter how busy you are, and you have no idea what your target cost per acquisition should be.

The Lead Generation System Build solves all these problems for consultancies like yours.

You’ll have your advertising campaign, lead generation asset, CRM, tracking and reporting all set up to deliver leads. We’ll then manage and optimise the advertising to focus in on your message-market fit, measured by delivering 10 good fit leads. Doing it this way also gives you an accurately tested cost per acquisition that we’ll use with you to build a detailed growth plan for your consultancy.

A fully managed system build including the following:

  • A 3-hour workshop to capture more detailed information on your target audience and the information needed to produce your lead generation checklist asset and advertising.
  • Design and production of your lead generation checklist asset.
  • Copywriting and production of your adverts.
  • Set up of your advertising campaigns.
  • £350 of ad spend for your test campaign.
  • Set up of the free Hubspot CRM to manage your leads and system performance reporting.
  • Set up of your lead generation system dashboard reports.
  • Weekly management and optimisation of your LinkedIn lead generation advertising until the 10 good fit leads are generated.
  • Refining your messaging until you achieve message-market fit measured by the generation of 10 good fit leads.
  • Fortnightly lead review calls to review the fit of the leads generated for you and to identify optimisation opportunities for the lead generation and nurturing.
  • Production of a growth plan for your business using the calculated cost per acquisition of good fit leads.

When consultancy owners fail to systemise their marketing,
it usually means that they…

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Keep wasting their time on random acts of marketing that generate poor results.

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Fail to attract their ideal customers with message-market fit.

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Struggle ever to escape the constant stress of the feast and famine cycle of work.

What our customers say

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“We now have a system that generates good fit leads like clockwork. It is great to know that we have achieved message-market-fit within the niche we identified and can attract the leads we require to achieve our growth targets.”

Paul Crick, The Elevate Partnership

Is our Lead Generation System Build right for you today?

  • Are you willing to invest a small amount of time, money and brain power into realising the potential of your business?
  • Do you want to generate reliable, good-fit leads and sales opportunities each month?
  • Are you looking for a time and cost-efficient solution?
  • Do you want a lead generation system that you own and is an asset for your business?
  • Are you looking for a managed system from a specialist provider that allows you to focus on what you are best at? Lead Generation is not your core business!!
  • Can you make five hours of your time available in the next six to eight weeks to attend your initial workshop and the fortnightly lead generation review calls?
  • Do you want to test and establish your message-market fit with your identified niche audience, calculate an accurate cost per acquisition of good fit leads and create a costed growth plan for your consultancy?
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How does it work?

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Step 1

Checklist workshop - 3 hours.

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Step 2

Checklist and advertising review and feedback - 1 hour.

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Step 3

Start receiving your leads and reviewing your performance for message-market fit. 1 to 2 hours.

You can have a lead generation system built for you, fully tested, up and running, with bespoke advertising and lead generation assets in four to six weeks. Can you afford to waste any more of your valuable time and mental energy on marketing that isn't working?

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Buy your Lead Generation System Build

Lead Generation System Build

This is only for customers who have already completed their Niche Identifier Workshop. If you haven’t completed this yet, please purchase and complete your Niche Identifier Workshop before purchasing your lead generation system build.

£2,550 + vat

  • A lead generation system that you own.
  • 5 or 10 good fit leads guaranteed.
  • Your message-market fit tested and refined.
  • An accurate, fully costed growth plan built for you.
  • A low-risk, proven solution with a money-back guarantee.

Frequently asked questions


If your advertising hasn’t generated the 5 or 10 good fit leads (as agreed with you) when the initial budget of £350 ad spend is spent, you have the following options:

  1. Fund additional ad spend in blocks of £350. We will continue to manage and optimise your advertising until your advertising generates your agreed number of good fit leads. We won’t charge you for any additional management time until the agreed number of good fit leads have been generated, we have produced your growth plan, and you agree to move to our monthly Lead Generation and Nurture System.
  2. Stop the service and request a pro-rata refund. You will be issued a pro-rata refund on the service cost minus the targeted advertising spend allocation of £350 or actual ad spend if higher. The pro-rata refund is calculated by the number of good fit leads generated versus the target good fit leads agreed with you. For example, if five good fit leads were generated and we had agreed to generate ten for you, you would be issued a refund of 50% on the refundable figure.

It typically takes four to six weeks to generate the agreed number of leads from the point at which the advertising goes live. If your market is slow, you haven’t identified a strong enough message-market fit, or the cost per click is high in your market, it may take up to twelve weeks to generate all the agreed leads from the point at which the advertising goes live. It takes this time as the LinkedIn algorithm takes time to learn the best performance for your audience, and we have to learn how your adverts are performing in relation to message-market fit.

You will generally start receiving leads within the first week of the campaign going live. The volume of the leads you receive will depend on the performance of your campaign.


If your advertising campaign has generated the agreed number of good fit leads, it is then time to create your fully costed growth plan and decide whether to move to the monthly service. 

If you have not generated the agreed number of leads, you will need to decide when to continue funding additional ad spend in blocks of £350 until the agreed number of good fit leads are generated.


If your market is slow, you haven’t identified a strong enough message-market fit, or the cost per click is high in your market, you may not generate all the agreed number of good fit leads for the initial £350 of advertising spend included in your package. 

You can then choose to fund additional advertising spend in tranches of £350 if you would like to. We will manage the advertising and work with you to improve your message-market fit for no additional charge until all of the agreed number of good-fit leads have been generated for your business.

If you find that you don’t have message-market fit for your consultancy, this is an incredible time and cost-efficient way to achieve it.


For most customers, the Lead Generation System Build requires the following time from their side:

  • Checklist workshop - 3 hours
  • Checklist review and feedback - 30 minutes
  • Advertising review and feedback - 30 minutes
  • Lead review calls - 1 to 2 hours

If you need to invest in further advertising to generate your agree number of good-fit leads, you will need to allocate an additional 2 hours of your time to cover the additional lead review calls and input into your advertising messaging.


The Lead Generation System Build delivers the following five key assets:

  1. Lead generation system.
  2. A message with market fit.
  3. A lead generation offer.
  4. Tested advertising cost per acquisition.
  5. Costed growth plan.


Yes, we create all the creative assets required to provide this service for you. These will be fully designed using your brand guidelines. If you have a designer and would like them to produce the designs, you can let us know, and we will provide them with the instructions for the assets required. 


The lead generation asset we create for you is a checklist of the mistakes your ideal customers are making that are holding them back from achieving their desired outcome.

We find that this generates a good response rate as it is really easy for your prospects to relate to. It also provides a good discussion point that you can use in conversations with your prospects to help you understand which mistakes your ideal prospects relate to the most. We also use it to test different advertising messages and understand which mistakes your audience responds to.