Unlock your consultancy’s growth
in just 90 days

The 90-Day Accelerator: A proven blueprint for transforming your consultancy's revenue and scale

SEIZE YOUR GROWTH POTENTIAL NOW. Get a specialist lead generation and prospecting service so you can focus on what you do best: consulting.

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Optimise your sales funnel

Quit the guessing game on where your next client is coming from. Our targeted strategies ensure a steady flow of good-fit leads and sales opportunities, ready for you to convert to clients.

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Automated pipeline management

Enjoy the freedom to excel in your core consultancy work. Your dedicated Opportunity Development Representative (ODR) will rigorously follow up on leads and sales opportunities using methods proven to convert.

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Safeguard your investment

We don’t just leave you hanging with cold leads. Our systematic nurturing process ensures that even prospects who still need time to commit will be perfectly poised for future engagement.

Tailor-made for high-value consultancies

Your sale isn't a one-size-fits-all; why should your lead generation be? This service delivers, nurtures, and sets the stage for closing complex, high-value sales. Performance management is even built in as standard so that everyone has skin in the game.

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A comprehensive, transparent system you can trust

Hassle-free and customisable

We take the legwork out of lead gen and prospecting with a comprehensive system built specifically for consultancies. All aspects are customised to reflect your unique brand voice.

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Cost-effective and scalable

You’ll have a fully managed, optimised system run by specialists who get your business - at a cost far less than an in-house operation.

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Full ownership

We offer complete transparency, training, and documentation so that the lead generation and prospecting system we build for you genuinely belongs to you.

What’s included?

Your journey through 90-day cycles:

Accelerate like never before with our meticulously planned 90-day cycles.

The inaugural cycle is laser-focused on setting up robust lead generation and prospecting systems. Prospecting activities kick in during the second month.

From the second 90-day cycle onward, we shift gears into continuous lead generation and prospecting. Note that the first cycle allocates more time to set up and ensuring a strong foundation for future success.

Kickstart your growth in the first 90 days:

  • Growth Assessment: Evaluate where you stand and map where you’ll go.
  • Three 1/2-Day 1:1 Workshops:
    • Unique Positioning Workshop: Craft your irresistible market position.
    • Lead Generation Assets: Design your lead magnets.
    • In The Market Offer: Perfect your value proposition.
  • Ad & Lead Gen System Setup: Implement effective ad strategies.
  • Outreach & Prospecting Copywriting: Draft compelling outreach messages.
  • Sequence Setup: Automate your outreach and prospecting.
  • HubSpot Sales Pro Setup: Get your CRM ready for action.
  • 3-Year Growth Plan: Blueprint your long-term goals.

Helping you to avoid these traps…

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Never knowing where the next client is coming from.

We'll build you a predictable sales pipeline, delivering the leads you need every month.

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Constantly falling short of your growth targets.

We'll track and adjust your progress with quarterly reviews against a 3-year growth plan.

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Serving non-ideal clients to maintain cash flow.

We'll use a proven process to attract and secure your ideal clients within 90 days.

What our customers say

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“Our team has the know-how to deliver this in-house, but the truth is with the constant pull of client work, they constantly put it on the back burner. When LexisClick came to us with this solution, it was a no-brainer as it freed us from the “should be” stress and let my team focus on where they are best at - delivering for our clients. We also get the added bonus of an expert view on our business to push our thinking.”

RE, Marketing Agency

Is our monthly lead generation and prospecting service right for you today?

  • Are you committed to the scalable growth of your consultancy?
  • Do you want an expert to manage your pipeline so you can focus on your consultancy work?
  • Are you aiming for consistent, high-quality leads and conversions each month?
  • Are you looking for a cost-effective, low-risk solution?
  • Do you wish to own a reliable lead-generation asset?
  • Are you keen to improve your sales performance through industry-leading training resources?

If you've answered yes to these questions, then you have found the right solution.

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How it works

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Step 1

Schedule your growth call

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Step 2

Select your plan

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Step 3

Start your success journey


All prices are monthly and are exclusive of VAT and Hubspot software fees. Please note performance bonuses also apply, details are provided in the FAQ section. Save 10% on the prices below by paying annually.


Ideal for 5 - 10 sales opportunities per month.


  • One assigned ODR
  • 40 hours of opportunity development
  • £350 LinkedIn Ad budget included
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Fortnightly lead management & ODR review call
  • Quarterly pipeline review call with Performance Consultant
  • Quarterly Growth Assessment
  • Telephone system, dedicated number and calls
  • Hubspot Sales Hub set up
  • 40+ leads generated
  • 60+ leads worked


Ideal for 10 - 20 sales opportunities per month.


  • One assigned ODR
  • 60 hours of opportunity development
  • £350 LinkedIn Ad budget included
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Weekly lead management & ODR review call
  • Bi-monthly pipeline review call with Performance Consultant
  • Quarterly Growth Assessment
  • Telephone system, dedicated number and calls
  • Hubspot Sales Hub set up
  • 60+ leads generated
  • 80+ leads worked


Ideal for 20 - 30 sales opportunities per month.


  • Two assigned ODRs
  • 80 hours of opportunity development
  • £350 LinkedIn Ad budget included
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Weekly lead management & ODR review call
  • Monthly pipeline review call with Performance Consultant
  • Quarterly Growth Assessment
  • Telephone system, dedicated number and calls
  • Hubspot Sales Hub set up
  • Monthly Growth Audit
  • 90+ leads generated
  • 120+ leads worked

Frequently asked questions

We run all our services using Hubspot, which allows us to provide very competitive pricing due to economies of scale. We have selected Hubspot as robust software that can manage the complete customer journey and lifecycle for B2B consultancies serious about their growth. Your contract will be direct with Hubspot. As a Hubspot partner, we will manage the relationship and can negotiate special terms on your behalf. Please see the FAQs about using any other system.

The primary Hubspot system we will require to provide our service is Hubspot Sales Pro.

You will also need to assign an email account under your domain for your ODR using either MS365 or Google Workspace, and optionally upgrade your LinkedIn account to a Sales Navigator account. 

The base price of our monthly services are reduced, and most of our profit is generated from performance-based bonuses. This means we have skin in the game to ensure everyone working for you is completely committed to your success. The bonus is applied when 80% or more of your agreed monthly opportunity target is achieved per attended opportunity booking. The exact bonus target and amount are agreed upon as part of your set-up and reviewed each quarter.

Typical bonus targets and amounts are:



(10 sales opportunties/month)

(20 sales opportunties/month)

(30 sales opportunties/month)



£100 per opportunity

£80 per opportunity

£70 per opportunity

80% bonus target


8 sales opportunities attended

16 sales opportunities attended

24 sales opportunities attended


Please note: all sales targets are agreed on a per customer basis, the examples above are for illustration. We will agree on the performance targets before you start a service with LexisClick. We will review them quarterly to ensure that they are set at an appropriate level to provide the right results for you and the correct incentivisation for our team.

Your commitment is 90 days to our service and 12 months for your Hubspot license.

For the first 90 Days, there is no notice required if you want to stop at the end of it. You will have a 12-month commitment to Hubspot Sales Pro. At a starting level, you are committing to £8,997 in services from LexisClick and £5,280 to Hubspot, excluding any VAT.

After the successful completion of the first 90 days, you’ll move into a monthly rolling contract with 90 days' notice to terminate our services.

Yes, we do. If at the end of the first 90 days of the service, we are not achieving the goals that we have mutually agreed in your 3-year growth plan, we will run at 50% of the base rate (e.g. £1,499 for the Standard Plan) for a further 3 months, or until we are achieving the agreed rates (if sooner). At the end of this discounted period, you can then decide whether to continue at the standard rate or to terminate the services with us.

Actual lead generation and prospecting activity will start in the second month of the first 90-day cycle. It usually takes the first 90 days for the service to get up to the activity rate that we expect to run on an ongoing basis. The timeframe to generate revenue from the services varies based on your market, your current pipeline, your brand awareness in the market, as well as other factors. We will work with you to design an initial service that will cover the costs of our activities in each quarter and the costs for you to deliver this service. When you have this in place, you have what we term a Self-Sustaining Sales System, which makes all future sales to those customers much more profitable. It is our goal to get you to this self-sustaining position as soon as we possibly can. 

Your time required for the set-up

  • Allow approximately 20 hours over eight weeks for input into and reviews of the materials we will produce for you. 

Your time required ongoing

  • Lead review calls - 1 hour per month (2 x 30-minute calls)
  • Customer success calls - 1 hour per month (1 x 60-minute call)
  • Pipeline review call - 1 hour per quarter (or more frequently for higher service levels)
  • Sales time for lead follow-ups and related sales activity. (Depending on your lead volumes and growth appetite, 8 - 20 hours/month)

If you pay annually, we offer an additional 10% discount. If you bundle additional services, we also offer a bundled discount. If you are interested in bundling additional services, please contact us.

If you want to generate more leads, there are various options:

Option 1: Invest in additional LinkedIn advertising. We include £350 of ad spend in the service; you can increase this up to £2,000 per month, which you will fund with no additional management fee. If you want to invest over £2,000 in advertising, we charge a 10% management fee on the additional advertising spend.

Option 2: Bolt-on additional lead generation services. We have some additional bolt-on lead generation services that we can discuss with you and provide pricing if you are interested. These include SEO, Google Adwords and Social Media Marketing.

Currently, we manage LinkedIn and Google Adwords advertising. Google Adwords advertising is suitable for many consultancies and typically targets higher-intent buying keywords that attract prospects who are closer to buying. The cost per lead tends to be higher, and search volumes are often limited for specialist consultancies.

Google Adwords management is a bolt-on service. Please contact us for further information on this service.

The 90-Day Consultancy Accelerator service is fully managed. You only need to manage the sales meetings and sales process from the point of the initial sales meeting.

If you want to manage the process yourself, consider our Masterclass programme, where we teach you how to build and manage your systems in-house.

We can manage the sales development process for you until we have sales conversations with the identified opportunities.

We don’t currently offer a fully outsourced sales service, so there are aspects of your sales process that you will need to manage in-house. We provide you with training resources and consultancy support on how you can manage this as simply as possible.

Our customer accounts are confidential, so we can’t show you one of their accounts in action. However, we use the same service for our own business, as it is where we test all of our new ideas. We will be delighted to show you as much as you want regarding how this works for us.

We will review your Hubspot account to ensure it is at the right level for what we require to provide our service. Our customers pay Hubspot directly, so the prices for this service element will depend on what you are currently paying Hubspot.

We only provide this service using Hubspot to maintain our efficiency and pricing. We can support you in syncing Hubspot with other systems that you use. However, for the management of this service, we can only provide it on Hubspot.

Yes, we do 😊 You can download the PDF brochure here.