No more feast & famine.
Identify your unique niche.

Consultancy owners - use our PROVEN METHOD to identify your profitable, purpose-driven niche audience and begin crafting your consultancy into a highly valuable business asset that will grow without you.

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NO WASTED TIME. Our tailor-made workshop gives consultancy owners like you the answers they have spent years searching for in just four full-on hours.

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Your ideal audience

Get laser-focused on an audience you are uniquely positioned to serve that gives you passion, purpose and profit.

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An outcome-led focus

Get a grip on your differentiation strategy with an outcome that inspires you and your ideal customers.

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An identifiable audience

Accurately estimate the size of your audience to ensure you don’t head off down a blind alley.

The low-risk way to “niche” your consultancy.

We invested hundreds of hours searching for our niche and knew there had to be a better way. This workshop is fine-tuned for owner-managed consultancies so that you can get to the answers you need as quickly as possible and set the foundations for your future growth.

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Identify your profitable niche

Don’t fall at the first hurdle. Identify the audience you are ideally positioned to serve - fast and efficiently in just four hours.

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No commitments

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have the answers you need to progress your sales and marketing campaign. You can use these answers with no commitment to any further expenditure.

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Money-back guarantee

We only work with consultancy owners who are serious about their growth; the workshop is backed with a full money-back guarantee, removing your risk.

What do you get?

Have you ever bought into a programme that promised the earth but fell short by taking a lot more time and effort than you originally planned?

We did, which is why we knew there must be a better way.

You know the value of finding a niche for your consultancy. You also know that working to identify it on your own is much harder than it seems. When you're running your consultancy, it is tough to see the wood for all the trees!

In this 4-hour workshop, you will identify the outcome you are passionate about delivering, the audience you are ideally positioned to serve, the market size and the competitive landscape.

You will work through a worksheet with an experienced consultant and gather all the information required in the workshop. At the end, the worksheet will be shared with you so that you can use the information in it as you choose.

In just 4-hours, you will have the clarity you have been missing; that is the definitive answer ​​to crafting your consultancy into a highly valuable business asset that grows without you.

When consultancy owners fail to nail a niche,it usually means that they…

  • Never build a predictable pipeline of new business.
  • End up with a business worth next to nothing.
  • Fail to achieve the time and financial freedom they desire.

What our customers say

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“It encouraged us to identify and focus on a niche audience to better position our business for our ideal customers and build a marketing campaign to avoid the feast and famine cycles we currently experience.”

Julian Oldfield, COO SGFE

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“I’ve struggled to differentiate my consultancy in the change management market. The Niche Identifier Workshop helped clarify what we do differently and to whom we deliver the most benefit. I was delighted with the clarity the workshop gave me.”

Stephen Parry, Founder, Sense & Adapt Academy

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“The workshop helped to bring together the ideas we’ve been discussing as a team. It was very enlightening, and I recommend it to any consultancy owner who wants to identify a niche audience for their sales and marketing activities.”

Levent Yildizgoren, Co-founder, TTC WeTranslate

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“After relocating back to the UK from the Caribbean, I wanted to give my consultancy the best possible start in the market. The workshop really helped us understand who we are serving and why. It clearly defined our niche opportunity. If I had done this 16 years earlier, it would have saved me many wasted marketing opportunities!”

Felicia Linch - CEO - Kitch International Ltd

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“I’ve spent years struggling to identify my niche market. I was amazed that in only 3 hours, I found the purpose-led niche that combines all of the experiences I’ve gained over my 22-year career in the IT industry.”

Frank Bieniek, Founder, Bieniek Solutions

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Is our Niche Identifier Workshop right for you?

  • Are you serious about the growth of your consultancy?
  • Do you want the answer on how to stop relying on referred business and start attracting non-referred ideal customers?
  • Do you want to stop wasting your time and your money on marketing that generates little or no results?
  • Do you want to identify your niche audience where you can position yourself as the key player within twelve months?
  • Is now the right time to invest four hours to get clarity on your ideal audience, the outcome you are passionate about delivering, the market size and the competitive landscape?
  • Do you want to create a more valuable business for yourself, your team and your customers?

How does it work?

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Step 1

You pay for your Niche Identifier Workshop and book a time that works for you - 15 mins.

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Step 2

We send over a questionnaire so you can think about the topics before the meeting, giving us some information to kick things off in the workshop - 30 mins.

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Step 3

You attend the workshop, and together, we complete the worksheet - 4 hours.

Buy your Niche Identifier Workshop

Niche Identifier Workshop - Standard

In this 4-hour workshop, you’ll identify the outcome you are passionate about delivering, the audience you are ideally positioned to serve, the market size and the competitive landscape.


  • 1:1 Workshop exclusive to your business.
  • Invite one other senior decision-maker from your team.
  • Identify your niche in only 4 hours.
  • No risk - money-back guarantee.

Niche Identifier Workshop - Premium


The premium version of the Niche Identifier Workshop means you can have more of your team involved, additional upfront research and designed presentation resources of your findings to communicate them to your team and partners.


  • Everything in Standard, plus
  • Invite up to 3 more participants
  • Get additional upfront research for more decision making data
  • Professionally designed presentation resources of your findings

Frequently asked questions


At the end of your workshop, we check the following ten validation criteria together. 

  1. Are you passionate about solving this problem for these people?
  2. Have you got at least one example where you have done this before?
  3. Would it be profitable to focus on doing just this?
  4. If you focus on this niche, could you become one of the best in the world at it?
  5. Is it a growing market?
  6. Could you delegate the sales and delivery of this work to someone less experienced than you?
  7. Are your ideal customers looking to fix the problem that you have identified? Are there enough Google searches for relevant keywords?
  8. Can you be ranking in a top 3 position on Google for high-value keywords within the next six months?
  9. Is this market identifiable and sufficiently large on LinkedIn to give you all the leads you need for at least the next 12 months?
  10. Do you think you could create a competitive value proposition which would attract leads and customers?

If the niche audience you have identified does not pass the ten validation criteria, we’ll run the workshop for you again at no additional charge, or you can request a refund. We’ll ask you to send your request for a refund in writing, and we will process the refund for you within 7 working days.

We will share with you the worksheet we have run through and completed in your workshop. The worksheet contains all the important information you need from the workshop. If you would like, we can record the session, and share it with you following the workshop. Please let us know that you would like the workshop recorded when we start.

If you have purchased the premium version of the workshop, we will create a designed presentation of the workshop findings. You can then use this presentation to present the findings to your team and stakeholders. 

Yes, the workshop is one-to-one with your business only. No other businesses will be present unless you have a supplier or partner you would like to include as a contributor to the workshop. Due to the confidential content discussed in the workshop, we do not offer this workshop as a group workshop with multiple businesses.

Yes, you can invite other colleagues to the workshop. We recommend that you limit the total attendees to a maximum of four. We also recommend that all attendees are senior decision-makers in your business who have input into the strategic direction of your business. We also suggest that the questionnaire we send out before your workshop is shared with all the attendees.

Please note: The Standard Workshop is for up to 2 attendees from your organisation, and the Premium Workshop is for up to 4 attendees from your organisation. 

While the workshop is the first step and cornerstone part of our lead generation process, it has been designed so that it can stand alone. You do not need to continue with our lead generation services to get value from your workshop. Some of our customers who purchase the workshop decide that they will progress with the lead generation campaign directly themselves. Some have even used it to help them decide not to invest any further in pursuing a niche.

Yes, you can; we understand that things can come up. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible so that we can make the time available to someone else, as we often have a waiting list who would like to get started on their Niche Identifier Workshop.

We recommend that you do your best to attend the workshop as a single session as this allows you to spend dedicated time working on your business. However, if you are finding it difficult to find a 4-hour time slot in your schedule, you can split the session over two 2-hour sessions. We recommend that these sessions are as close together as possible, e.g. over two days.

After completing the workshop, you’ll have the necessary information to decide whether you want to invest in testing the niche audience you have identified. Some of our customers decide in the workshop that they’d like to take the next step, whereas others like to have time to reflect. You can go at your own pace, and we’ll book a follow-up call with you at a time that suits you.

If you would like to progress with testing your identified niche with us, the next step is the Lead Generation System Build, and you can read more about it here.