The group masterclass to
Generate all the leads you need for your consultancy's growth.

Learn and use our PROVEN METHOD to identify your profitable, purpose-driven niche audience and generate your ideal leads on demand in just two hours a week.

Is our Lead Generation Masterclass right for you?

If you feel you understand what you need to do to fix your lead generation, but you’re struggling with actually getting it done - then you’re not alone.

It is draining trying to motivate yourself to fit generating leads into your busy schedule when you already have an ever-growing to-do list. Knowing where to start and what to tackle first is tricky when you’re in the middle of all the ideas and plans. And the pressure to get talking to clients quickly only adds to the confusion of what to do next.

With all this going on, it’s easy to over-plan and not get started on what needs doing.

It becomes much easier when you have an experienced guide who can show you where to start and what to do next with people around you to inspire, support, and help you keep going.

Consultancy Lead Generation Masterclass

Do you feel unsure of...


How many leads you need to achieve your revenue and lifestyle goals?


Exactly who you should target, and the message they’ll respond to?


How to keep your lead generation going even when you’re maxed out with client work?

This masterclass is what you need now

Group lead generation course for consultancies

Our consultancy Lead Generation Masterclass will motivate you to identify your niche, build your lead generation system and establish message-market fit. With these in place, you can establish a consistent flow of good fit leads and build a reliable pipeline of ideal clients allowing you to wave goodbye to the “feast and famine” cycles of the past.

In this masterclass, you will:

  • Get clarity on your niche audience of ideal clients.
  • Create well-defined financial targets, so you understand the number of clients you really need, and the leads required to get you there.
  • Generate and manage your leads easily with an advertising system and a well-managed CRM.
  • Establish your message-market fit that reliably attracts ideal prospects to your consultancy.
  • Productise your sales process so you stop reinventing the wheel and create a step-by-step journey that can release you from the trap of founder-led sales.

Don’t do it alone

It’s easier to stay focused and motivated when you’re working with a group of like-minded people all working together. In your masterclass, you’ll join a group of consultancy owners all working towards similar goals. They are all motivated and want to connect and collaborate to generate more leads and build their businesses.

The masterclass focuses on getting your lead generation system built, optimised and performing in two hours a week over 20 weeks. By the end of the programme, you will have all the skills you need to manage the system in about 1 hour a week.

You’ll go through the same steps we take all of our customers through to define their audience and build a system that consistently generates leads each month.

Learn at home in a group, not alone.

What our customers say

_Group_ (15)

I have enjoyed the Masterclass. It has been a great learning curve. Some of the steps we've covered have validated what I am doing, and others have really made me think and re-evaluate. I'm very happy to recommend the Masterclass and speak to anyone who would like to understand if it will help them.

Giles Etherington - Brand Satellite


The next Masterclass is scheduled for March 2024. Please register your interest here.

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