Lead Generation Planning Pack For Consultants

A strategic framework & actionable template pack to help your consultancy "AMPLIFY" it's existing lead generation efforts.

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Not generating enough leads to scale?

You're not alone. Breaking through a growth ceiling is no easy feat, but it's impossible when you're not generating enough leads to hit your growth targets consistently.

Get this template pack designed by consultants for other consultants who:

❌ Are mostly reliant on referrals and recommendations for new business.

❌ Struggle to consistently attract enough high quality leads to meet their revenue targets.

❌ Can't build a reliable lead generation system that can scale past the owners' constant direct input.

✅ Are ready to move past the feast and famine cycles by building a predictable lead generation system that is valuable to their customers.

✅ Want to build a lead generation system they are confident will consistently deliver high-quality leads.

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This pack is designed to AMPLIFY your
consultancy's existing lead generation efforts.

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Build on top of a proven framework

You'll be guided through the "AMPLIFY" strategic lead generation framework and learn how to apply it directly to your business.

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Create your own action plan

Use our "One-ish page lead gen plan" template to consolidate your thinking from our strategic guide into simple points you can action and build your full campaign around.

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Align lead gen to bottom line goals

Our smart goal calculator will help you to align your lead gen goals to your bottom-line business goals like revenue and new customers.

"I already have a lead generation framework."

And that's ideal; in fact, we've built this pack as a framework that works with your existing lead generation efforts or as a stand-alone strategy.

Plus, as you've already read this far down the page, it would be fair to assume that this resource could offer immediate value to your business. 

In addition to generating leads, this framework also ensures that:

  • The leads you generate are aligned well with your services
  • Your lead gen resources reflect the quality of service your consultancy delivers
  • You quickly diagnose issues with your lead gen campaign before scaling it with ads

If you want to enhance your lead generation in any of these areas, this pack will be of immense value to you.

(Note: This pack is actionable in less than an hour. Think how valuable it would be to your business to have an entire lead generation plan scoped out in the next 60 minutes. )

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