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How To Ping A Website On Mac OS X

Ping A Website On Mac OS X

Every now and then we need to quickly check if a web server is still responding or check the IP address of the server a website is sitting on. One of the quickest ways to check this, is by pinging the domain name and the server it is hosted on. It is a bit like a ship or submarine sending out a sonar signal.

How do you ping a website on MAC?

When you ping a server, it will normally echo back the same packet of data that was sent to it, which means your computer can measure the round trip, if any of the data was lost and the IP address of the server that returned it.

On Mac OS X:

Open up terminal

Launchpad > type Terminal > click Terminal application

Launchpad Terminal Mac OS X

In the terminal window type:


This should return something like this:

Ping Domain Test

When you have the data you need press ctrl + c to stop the ping requests.

On Windows the ping command sends 4 requests then stops on Mac it continues to ping until stopped using ctrl + c or the Terminal window is closed.

If you want to find out how to ping a website on Windows, check yesterday's blog post here. If you have any queries, email or tweet me @digitalbav.


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