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Don't sell, help people buy

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Ultimately, a business only exists to solve a problem that a customer has. 

So why do companies not try to help their customers solve their problems before they have made a purchase?

Business's often cut straight to the sales pitch, before the customer is even aware that they have a problem.  

have you forgotten what its like to make a sale

Being a first time buyer can be a stressful experience.

You most likely have: 

  1. Tons of questions you need answering
  2. Lot's of options to compare
  3. Limited spare time in your busy life


As a business owner, your knowledge and experience is a valuable asset that you should leverage.

That wealth of knowledge is much more useful to your customers on your website, than it is locked away in your head. 

I'm going to tell you a success story about a business owner who has done just this. 

If you would prefer to watch the video version of this story, click the image below!

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Marcus Sheridan was a partner in a fibreglass swimming pool company in Richmond Virginia.

When the US economy crashed in 2008. The housing market collapsed with it, which put an end to luxury spending on things like swimming pools

The business was in financial trouble.

They decided they needed to do something about their marketing.

They started answering their customers' questions. Every one of them on their website. Regardless of whether they were good or bad.

Two years later, his website became the most popular swimming pool website in the world.

Marcus Sheridan with swimming pool

Marcus didn't let it go to his head, he kept doing what he was doing.

He was invited to tell his story to a room of business owners, where there happened to be a reporter from the New York Times. 

This article was put on the front cover of their business section with the headline:


“Revolutionary new marketing strategy: answer your customers’ questions”


This article became the most-shared article on the site that week. 

A short while later - Marcus was contacted by a billion-dollar publisher who wanted him to write a book for them.

All this success has enabled Marcus to expand his business.

They are no longer just a local swimming pool installer in Virginia.

They are now a manufacturer supplying other installers all over the United States.

And Marcus is now a professional marketing speaker and trainer.


As this story shows, when you answer your customers' questions, great things can happen.

Your ideal customer is looking for answers. When you answer their questions, you increase the likelihood that they will find you.

Remember it’s important to consider the knowledge levels of your ideal customer so that you pitch your answers at the right level.

You can then educate your ideal customer, so they can make the best buying decision.

You need to be clear on who your customer is and what they need to know to make the best buying decision. 

If you educate your ideal customer better than anyone else, they will trust you more than anyone else. Making it much more likely that they will buy from you.

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