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Stop the struggle. Win for your customers instead of battling against them.


Growing a business can feel like a battle. You’re constantly fighting to achieve your next goal or to overcome that obstacle that's just been thrown down in front of you. The trouble is when you're battling to grow your business, you can end up fighting against your customers rather than for them.

You’re fighting against....

  • Unpredictable business growth
  • The uphill struggle of chasing customers
  • Poor return on investment from marketing and sales
  • Competing on price to win business
  • Being held back by bad fit customers
  • Your ideal customers not even knowing you exist

You’re fighting all of these things.

And without knowing it you end up in a battle against your customers.

You want to win the battle because you want:

  • Predictable and energising business growth
  • Customers lining up to do business with you
  • Your marketing and sales delivering a great return
  • Industry leading margins
  • To only work with right fit customers
  • To be the go to supplier for your ideal customers

But you’ll never get there if you are fighting your customers.


So what’s the answer?

Customer Obsession

What is Customer Obsession?

In a nutshell it’s

Delivering significantly more value than you charge

Why does Customer Obsession work?


  • Delivering significantly more value than you charge drives demand
  • And demand drives predictable and energising business growth
  • Predictable and energising business growth, gives you the finances and energy to obsess over the value you provide to your customers
  • Obsessing over the value you provide to your ideal customers, means they talk about you and line up to do business with you
  • When they talk about you and line up to do business with you, it attracts more of the right customers
  • Working with more of the right customers who really value what you provide, means that you become their go to supplier
  • All of this means that you are winning more business from word of mouth and repeat business, which reduces your costs and increases your margins - allowing you to provide even more value for your customers

It’s a win for everyone.


And as long as you keep obsessing over your customers. It keeps on improving for everyone

That’s why Customer Obsessed businesses make the world a better place.

And why we’re on a mission to build the most reliable business growth system for Customer Obsessed businesses.

Being Customer Obsessed is also a much easier approach

Every business has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to marketing and sales.

Which usually means:

  • You do well at your strengths


  • Ignore your weaknesses

Unfortunately this isn’t always great for your customers.

A better way

We’ve identified 12 important areas of marketing and sales. Spreading your efforts across these 12 areas, means that you create a well balanced customer experience.

An experience that keeps getting better at delighting your customers, the more you work through each of the 12 areas.

Rather than worrying about the next big thing, you keep making small improvements across the 12 areas.

The aim is to make a 4% improvement in each area each year.

A 4% improvement in 12 areas adds up to a 48% increase.

When you make a 48% improvement each year for 3 years in row, you triple your business performance.


Tripling your business in 3 years is a great result from a series of small steps. And 4% improvements across 12 areas is much easier than achieving a 48% improvement in one area or a 22% in 2 areas each year for 3 years.

It also means you don’t drop the ball in any area and end up providing a bad experience for your customers, wasting all your hard work in the areas you have been improving.

If that sounds like a better approach for your business, start by scoring your business to understand where your improvement opportunities are.

Take the quiz here.

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