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Principles of visual hierarchy in web design

If you've ever looked at visitor behaviour heatmaps, you will have noticed patterns. Of course, we all have our individual quirks but generally human eyes assimilate visual information in a certain way. Same pertains to web sites. Depending on how much effort you've put into your web design production, you can emphasise certain elements, such as calls to action (CTA).

That's why we think it's important to look at visual hierarchy in web design, and have come up with a great infographic on this topic.

Web design is yet another vehicle for visual communication between your brand and your customer. To deliver effective web design and enjoy a high conversion rate, you must effectively communicate your brand concepts to site visitors.

The beauty of designing websites from scratch is that you have a full control of the visual elements, and you can guide the visitors towards conversion by subliminal means - without patronising.

Principles of visual hierarchy in web design that can be applied to create websites that convert include plenty of white space, a good balance between text and images, awesome typeface and contrast among others, but we'll let the infographic speak for itself.

principles of visual hierarchy web design


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