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Inbound marketing is all about strategy. Far from the smash-and-grab tactics of the dark ages of digital marketing, Inbound works intelligently, systematically and tactically to generate lead after qualified lead.

There’s a fair bit of digging involved in creating such an all-seeing, all-knowing marketing strategy. So we work side-by-side with you to understand the nuts and bolts of your business, including the problems you face, the expectations you have and the inner workings of the audience you want to attract.


There’s a reason we specialise in inbound marketing – it takes 100% commitment to be able to call yourself an expert, and we’ll eat any dabbler for breakfast. Anyone can place an ad in a magazine or send out a few emails; to get anywhere with inbound, you’ve really got to know your stuff.

For us, inbound is a science. And like all sciences, it’s measureable. Which means we’ve been able to test and retest our marketing strategies to within an inch of their lives, evolving our tactics to produce better and better results for our customers.

To get anywhere with inbound marketing, you've really got to know your stuff.


A purely tactical approach to marketing is the antithesis of inbound and won’t get you anywhere. Inbound places the crown firmly on strategy’s head, making it reign supreme over all marketing activities. Only once we have a detailed strategy in place do we get tactical. And even then, each tactic must work together like a well-oiled machine to generate results that are much greater than the sum of the parts.

Your marketing strategy is built around the aims of your business and your audience’s profile. And because the digital world changes all the time, not to mention your business’ priorities and preferences, it will be continually updated to keep it fresh and on-track. You always know what to expect with LexisClick.

  • Generate results that are much greater than the sum of the parts, by putting strategy before tactics.

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The secret to ultimate optimisation is never taking your eye off the ball. To ensure your campaign is generating enough leads to hit and exceed targets, your designated team will track and enhance its performance daily, weekly and monthly. We believe in making small and regular improvements, that add up to much bigger and more consistent results. No more binge improvements that’ll leave you exhausted and ready to put off the next round much longer than you should.


We’re devoted to the industry-leading marketing software, HubSpot. As an all-in-one offering, it streamlines, automates and improves inbound marketing efforts, which ultimately increases leads and marketing power. We use HubSpot within all our marketing campaigns, including blog and social media traffic analysis, lead generation and management, search engine optimisation and email campaign management. This fantastic technology is key to an effective inbound marketing program and the secret to ultimate lead generation.

  • Devoted to industry leading software


The power of cleverly crafted content can’t be underestimated. It can position you as a thought leader in your industry, raise awareness of what you do, drive more visitors to your website and ultimately turn them into loyal customers. But as well as being well written and produced, it also needs to be well placed. From written content to videos our team will promote your content across a diverse range of digital platforms, ensuring we achieve optimum engagement and results.

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  • We’ll entice more visitors to your website, utilising social media and email to spread the word even further


Sometimes, you just need to know where to look. We generate leads by putting you where your prospects are spending their time, increasing your reach by casting the net that bit further. With intelligently placed and carefully constructed content, we’ll entice more visitors to your website, utilising social media and email to spread the word even further.

Our advertising team can also manage your Google Adwords, Bing and social media advertising to extend your reach even further.

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Lead generation is all about getting creative. After all, a ‘lead’ is a person, and people don’t respond well to annoying sales tactics. So rather than interrupting them at dinner with a sales call, we find unique ways to attract people to your business, sparking their interest with tempting offers, informative content and enticing calls-to-action.

We'll also work with you to design lead nurturing campaigns, to move the leads that we are generating from being a prospect to being a customer.

Improve Your Search Engine Optimisation

When you optimise for search engines, the most important thing to remember is your audience. Keywords and phrases may please Google, but if they don’t spark human interest, they’re useless. By optimising with your prospects in mind, we can create a targeted, audience-driven campaign that funnels more people to your website. We’ll also maximise your content’s shareability across all your social media channels. Websites that have more social shares tend to be ranked higher in search engine rankings, making shareability a game changer for your SEO.

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Our design team consists of talented designers who have a deep understanding of inbound marketing.

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Beautiful Graphic Design Support

Our design team consists of talented designers who have a deep understanding of inbound marketing.

We support our customers with all of their design needs, including: website design, infographic design, premium content layouts, social media artwork creation, call-to-action creation, email template designs, and more. You’ll know that all of your visual elements will be designed with inbound in mind.

Website Design and Development 

We support our customers with all of their needs, including new website development and enhancements. We specialise in working with Wordpress and HubSpot COS, as well as various e-commerce platforms.

We have two mantras in our approach to web design. Mobile First and Growth Driven Design. Together they deliver a website that generates better results for you. Read more about them here.

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Regular Reporting

We won’t take you on if we don’t think we can generate a return on your investment. And to ensure we’re always on target, we perform ongoing weekly performance reviews. This means monitoring your website analytics at least weekly and creating monthly marketing reports covering all our activities. This level of scrutiny means we’re able to tweak and adapt your inbound marketing strategy to ensure our performance continues to meet and exceed your goals.

Customer Partnerships

The nature of what we do relies on a close relationship with our customers. Getting to know you and understand your business is vital to developing your marketing strategy. And maintaining that closeness ensures we continue to deliver on our goals. You’ll have a dedicated team assigned to your account, which will work closely with you to execute your strategy effectively. Our success comes from your success, which is why we have partnership agreements, not contracts. Find out more.

How We Price Our Services

Our marketing strategies are priced to deliver a return on investment for your company. A typical customer is on an annual agreement and invests between £2,000 and £15,000 per month into their inbound marketing program.

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