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Business to Business (B2B) technology marketing

Times of change provide new opportunities for those who are ready to bring their B2B marketing strategies in line with the new rules.


Although the recent Brexit vote sent shockwaves across the UK’s tech sector, the overall outlook for the industry is positive. A recent survey found that only 22% of local tech companies predict scaling back their growth plans. The main challenge for the B2B technology industry is the uncertainty in the job market and access to investment. So far the UK has been one step ahead of its European colleagues in terms of investment and the number of emerging tech startups.

The reason for that is the close ties with tech and telecoms industries across the Atlantic and access to wealthy local venture capitalists. South West England is enjoying an increased activity in tech startups as it is vowing to become the central hub for the UK’s tech sector.

Bournemouth has seen a 212% growth in digital startups between 2010 and 2013 and the growth is set to continue despite of the Brexit vote.

It will take time for the local businesses to adapt to the new market conditions with many businesses looking overseas for strategic partnerships and expansion opportunities.

The world of technology, at least the most “disruptive” part of it, is dominated by millennials – both as creators and consumers. This poses an entirely new challenge to marketers, especially those who were brought up on traditional marketing channels. Traditional advertising just doesn’t work where millennials are involved. They are the first generation to be born entirely in the digital age – most of them would have no idea what a Walkman is and what you’re supposed to do with it.

The way millennials build businesses is different from how their parents built businesses. Reaching millennial influencers and creators requires developing a special non-patronising voice and a complete overhaul of content strategy.

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How we can help you maximise this opportunity

Could your tech company disrupt the sector through growth hacking and viral marketing methods?

Technology startup marketing

Technology marketing requires an entirely new mindset because the majority of the old-school marketing and SEO methods are too slow for the average tech startup.

Growth hacking, agile conversion rate optimisation and development of new lead generation channels are all part of the new marketing vocabulary at LexisClick.

We will show you how you can embed the element of viral marketing in design of your tech product or service so that your early adapters do most of the marketing legwork for you.

Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding

With new and exciting tech niches developing constantly, we need to adapt to the new rules and introduce new tools in our marketing toolset. Emerging markets like Internet of Things, wearables and biotechnology have disrupted the tech scene and made startup founders rethink the way they approach R&D and marketing.

Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding can provide an invaluable way to tap into a wider pool of resources by engaging potential end-users of the product and making them part of your success story long before the product is ready for the launch.

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