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Importance of the "Page 1"

  • When you search online, do you look past the first page? Probably not.

When it comes to the internet, we’re far more likely to visit high ranking sites than spend time trawling through web page after web page. Which is why it’s so important your business is up there with the best of them.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the daddy of online marketing. The key to reaching the heady heights of the first page, SEO ensures you appear in key phrase searches so that you’re more visible and accessible to your audience.

This is why SEO lies at the heart of our inbound marketing activities and why it will form the foundation of your business’ online marketing campaign. We will manage all our services through a Bournemouth-based dedicated customer account manager, who is responsible for ensuring all our work for you delivers measurable results.

Understanding your customer

The only way to deliver the right SEO service for you is to understand your business and your customers. This means going way beyond the technical and into the realms of online marketing prowess.

To put it simply, we become your customer. Only then can we fully understand what they’re looking for and consequently deliver it to them, smoothly and alluringly.

Understanding your customer means getting inside their heads and exploring what makes them tick, what turns them off and what is most likely to influence positive action. Once we get to the nitty-gritty of their profile, we build your key phrase plan, which ultimately supports your wider content and marketing plan and – most importantly – your customer journey.

So when your prospects search online, your business pops up on the hallowed first page, making you more visible, more often. The result? Increased exposure and a much better chance of being clicked on.

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Technical SEO audit

We spend time with you to understand your buyer personas, your business and its objectives, and work with you to set challenging but achievable targets for your digital marketing and SEO. Although our SEO agency is based in Bournemouth, we have successfully worked with both national and international companies helping them improve ROI and generate more leads.

Using our bespoke technical SEO methodology we make sure the website is geared up to serve as your lead generation machine and that its technical capabilities and design characteristics don't hold it back from achieving high rankings. Our process includes:



Groundwork to understand your buyer personas and targets



Market overview including competitive intelligence



Looking at how your site has been designed and executed



Evaluating your current content and identifying opportunities

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