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Professional Services Marketing

Creating a marketing strategy for your professional services

At LexisClick we work with professional services firms to generate high quality new business opportunities through inbound marketing. 

To consistently attract the right new business, your expertise needs to shine and lead prospects on a natural path to your new business team.

Marketing challenges in professional services 

Professional services have traditionally relied on the expertise and networks of their senior team to bring in word of mouth referrals.

With increased competition in the digital world, the pressure is on to bring these traditional methods of business development up-to-date. 

According to a recent survey by Hubspot the two main challenges faced by service-based businesses are generating traffic and leads, and proving the return on investment (ROI) of their online marketing.

More often than not the issues of time and expertise can be found at the root of these challenges.

In these digital times, your potential clients have more access to information than ever before. They can research you and your expertise in much greater depth than ever before, all without actually speaking with you.

That’s why it is essential that you use your website and social media presence to communicate your expertise and start building those relationships where they are starting.

Our team specialise in helping professional services firms like yours to

  • Provide valuable content to your existing and potential clients
  • Create your unique space and voice
  • Increase awareness of your brand and visitors to your website
  • Nurture your interested website visitors into sales ready leads
  • Deepen your relationships with current clients

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Creating a marketing strategy for your professional services

As a provider of a professional service, it is your expertise, knowledge and approach that clients are buying. Communicating these effectively to the right people is critical to developing your business.

In the digital age your potential clients have high expectations. 

Your website has only seconds to draw them in. The design as well as what you are saying needs to captivate them. You’ll then need to win their trust, by giving them regular online interactions with your brand and people. Which means you need to keep them coming back to your website and online spaces.

When they want to engage with you, the digital experience needs to match the excellent service you’ll provide in the real world.

We’ll help you to define your expert space and the clients that you want to attract. Then design and manage the digital experience and content to take potential clients on the journey to becoming longstanding clients.

If it is time and expertise that is holding you back, our team can do everything for you from designing and building your website, to writing your content and managing your social media. 

We’ll also work with you to train up your team so that they can make the most of the digital tools available to them. Our team is highly experienced in working efficiently with your subject matter experts to develop content that you’ll be proud to publish and that generates new business opportunities.

Measuring your marketing success

With the investment of time and money you’re putting in, it is essential that you can accurately measure the results your marketing is generating. Fortunately these days this is achievable for businesses of all sizes.

You can now measure the effectiveness of every item of content you publish down to the leads it helps generate. We’ve moved well past the days of only measuring visits, engagement and bounce rates. We’re now in the days of accurately measuring cost per new customer acquisition, with the visibility of seeing which activities are having an impact and which aren’t. All of which allows us to make sure your investments are generating returns.

  • Measure the effectiveness of every item of content you publish down to the leads it helps generate.
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Marketing tactics for professional services


Where do people now go when they have a question they need to answer, or a challenge to solve? Google.

Google currently processes around 5.5 billion searches per day.

If you want to be found, Google needs to be a top priority.

It's SEO, combined with other intelligent marketing tactics that will help you get there. 

Getting SEO right will drive more visitors, leads and ultimately customers. Measure your website's SEO score here.


Blogging is a key component of both your SEO and content marketing activities.

It is how your potential and existing clients get to know the people and expertise within your business. As such it is essential that you build a voice that resonates with your ideal clients.

Communicating value regularly in this personal style helps your audience get to know you and start building the trust that will lead to long-term relationships with you. Research shows that businesses using blogs receive 67% more leads that those that don’t.

  • Businesses using blogs receive 67% more leads that those that don’t.


Content marketing is a catchall term for the variety of content that you will be creating to effectively communicate your voice and value to your audience. 

It is important to think about communicating with variety to help your audience engage with you. Open your mind to visual, video and audio content as well as written content. People increasingly like to consume content in a variety of formats, so it’s worth making the most of this trend to stand out from the crowd.

Another key message is value. Design content of high value to help your audience move along their journey with you, from stranger to regular client. Make use of items of content designed to specific stages of that journey. From attracting new visitors to your website and brand, to converting them to leads and then customers.

  • Put the time you are spending reading and researching useful content to good marketing use.


Keeping up to date with the latest legislation, techniques and best practices in your area of expertise is part of daily professional life.

Content curation is a method of using the time you are spending reading and researching useful content to good marketing use. By curating and sharing the content that you find useful and interesting you create a hub of industry information. Designed correctly this hub will attract a following of others interested in the same topic. Helping you to build an audience who will share the high value content that you create.

Content curation serves a vital role in audience development, expert positioning and keeping you top and centre of the latest thinking in your area of expertise.

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Social Media Marketing

The chances are that you use Facebook and you have a LinkedIn profile that you keep up to date with. But have you mastered how you can use social marketing to drive your business development activities?

Social media marketing used correctly is an incredibly powerful tool. From our experience with senior partners and directors across professional services sectors – adoption of social media comes down to translating the activities that they are great at in the real world to the digital world. Many of the principles are very similar, and need to be explained in formats they are familiar with. With a few successes under their belts and you’ll find resistors become converts. With social at the centre of digital success, making social converts of your senior team is essential.

Peer Networks

Many professional services firms have a decent sized team and an extended network of professional partners. Building digital peer networks of your in-house team and extended network is a powerful strategy for communicating your content and expertise to a much wider audience.

This strategy is often overlooked, but is straightforward to implement and execute. It is also very cost effective and encourages good social media practice that leads to increased results.

Successful implementation comes through training, buy-in and consistent engagement.

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Email Marketing

With the escalation in channels email marketing is now sometimes overlooked or taken for granted. However, email is still one of the most effective marketing channels both from an engagement and cost perspective. Like with any marketing it’s about getting the targeting and message right. It’s not surprising that a dry, low value email won’t have much impact in an overloaded inbox.

By making your message stand-out and providing great value, your marketing emails will get engagement rates that will put your other channels to shame.

Audience Outreach

It’s not just about creating great content; you have to get it in front of the right people to really create impact and results.

Audience outreach is an essential part of any successful professional services marketing strategy. It can be difficult and takes time. With consistency, audience outreach builds momentum and gives your content a competitive advantage that will deliver results well above and beyond anything that your competitors could hope for.

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Lead Nurturing

The best leads are sales ready with an immediate need for your services. They’ll make a quick decision and take the least amount of time for you to convert to paying business. With a drive to maximise billings it’s not surprising the focus tends to be on sales ready leads, while others slip through the net.

Lead nurturing helps to ensure that all of your leads are given the right attention and moved through your sales process to the point that they are ready to buy from you. Building a successful lead nurturing programme is about defining what a sales ready lead looks like, to make it easy to identify those that aren’t ready to buy yet. Leads can then be segmented, with sales ready leads passed to the relevant team to engage in the sales process. While leads that aren’t ready are nurtured through marketing programmes, until they start to move through to become sales ready in the future.

Professional Services Inbound Marketing Expertise

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Our Approach

Generating a regular flow of quality inbound leads to drive the growth of your professional services firm takes a combination of techniques.

It starts with building a strong strategy. Then ensuring the right foundations are in place and that your team is on-board. After that you can start to employ the combination of tactics and optimisation that will fuel the growth of your business.

To get the most from your investment you’ll want these steps completed correctly and quickly. You’ll need a team with the experience, great marketing ability and the technical skills required to pull everything together with the minimum of fuss.

Our Expertise

The team at LexisClick has deep experience in working with professional services firms and specific technical skills in: 

  • SEO
  • Managing Google Adwords and PPC advertising
  • Content and social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Hubspot

We work in partnership with our customers and we're led by our values to ensure we are proud of the work and results we produce for you.

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