Productised Consulting Business Blueprint

If you want to transform your consulting business from selling time to selling value, this blueprint is the first step towards productising your services into products that are easy for your team to sell and deliver.

The "productised consulting" strategy described in this blueprint isn't about making online courses or e-books. The goal is to show you how you can simply break down your existing large transformations into smaller products that are easier for customers to buy.

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This blueprint is for consultants who are...

An expert in their field

Customers come to you because of your expertise. They trust you to get the job done for them better than anybody else. 

Delivering large transformations

You deliver large, high-value transformations for customers which often take several weeks or months to deliver.

Struggling to scale

Because you're the expert, it's hard to delegate the sales and delivery of projects to other members of your team.

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What you will get from this blueprint.

Whether the concept of productising your services is entirely new to you, or you have already started on your journey, this blueprint will give you the plan you need to make the transition successfully. 

We’ll give you at least a book’s worth of knowledge and experience in a 1-hour call.

At the end of the call, you’ll have the confidence to approach productising your consultancy in the right way, which will save you hours, if not months and years of wasted time, figuring it out.

You get a 1-hour call with a consultant to run through our blueprint, where we’ll explain exactly how you apply it. You can also ask any questions you have on how it would apply to your consultancy. After the call, you will get a copy of the blueprint and a recording of the call.

Fully refundable if you think the blueprint will not work in your consulting business.

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How it works

1) Book your blueprint call

Once you make your purchase, we'll send you a link to book a call with one of our in-house consultants. 

2) Learn the strategy

In your 1-hour call, your consultant will guide you through the blueprint, where we’ll explain exactly how you apply it. 

3) Begin your transformation

You'll get a recording of our call and also a copy of the blueprint, so you can refer back to the information you have learnt at any time in the future. 

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What our customers say

This is a good product for anyone who is asking “How do I build a business that exists after I do”

Peter Maddison (Xodiac Consulting)

This is for the consultant that just keeps on trying to re-invent the wheel

Chris Wilson (Adamo business consultants)

This blueprint is an ideal solution for creatives and those working in a consulting capacity.

Tim Bennet (MyCloud Media)

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