Product Ramp Workshop

A product ramp is a product strategy used by consultants who sell large transformations. The product ramp breaks down the sales process into smaller sections, making it easier for new customers to buy into your offering.

By selling more, easier to buy products you generate highly qualified leads that often naturally transition into your main product/service.

In this workshop we will help you design your product ramp. The goal is to give you a clear understanding of the different steps you will take your ideal customers through whilst you are building a relationship with them.

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This workshop is for consultants who are...

Looking to productise their offering

This workshop is specifically designed to help consultants to productise their offerings into easy to buy products. 

Trying to delegate

When your offering is productised, it easy to delegate the sales and delivery of projects to other members of your team.

Tight for time

Looking to productise to free up time? This workshop will save you from making the same mistakes we've already learnt from.

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What you will get from this workshop.

The goal of this workshop is to design a simple set of products specifically for your ideal customers, making it easy for ideal customers to buy into the first stage of the large transformation you deliver.

The main outcomes delivered in this workshop are:

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What problem do they have that you can fix in 90 days or less?
  • How do you create a scorecard that diagnoses that problem?
  • How do you sell them a plan to fix the problem?
  • How do you sell a workshop to design the solution with them?
  • What is the solution that you sell to solve their problem in 90 days?

At the end of the workshop, we will have collaboratively designed what needs to built to help you to attract and win more of your ideal customers.

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How it works

1) Book your workshop

Once you make your purchase, we'll send you a link to book in your workshop call with one of our in-house consultants. 

2) Design your product ramp

In your 3-hour workshop, we will co-create a simple set of products that are easy for your customers to buy.

3) Test your product ramp

At the end of the workshop, you will have a product ramp ready to be tested in the market. 

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What our customers say

This workshop has been a lightbulb moment, helping me realise I can make a business that lasts way beyond myself

Jo O’Connell (Jelly Rock PR)

This workshop is for small business consultants trying to push 16 hours of work into 12

Sarah Jane Black (SB Business Services)

This workshop is ideal for businesses who need to think more deeply about who their ideal customers are, and how to articulate their sales & marketing messages.

Julian Harris (Julian Harris Services)

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