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PPC Management including Google AdWords, Bing & social advertising

Why you should choose LexisClick as your PPC agency

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Navigating a minefield

Unless you spend time every day getting to grips with it, online advertising can be a minefield…

As an inbound marketing agency, Google AdWords and Social Advertising Management is an essential part of what we do. But whilst many of our services are offered as part of a wider inbound marketing package, we offer Google AdWords and Social Advertising Management as a stand-alone service.

Our specialist advertising team covers all aspects of online advertising, from strategy and planning to the day-to-day management of Pay Per Click (PPC) Google AdWords campaigns.

Results focused

We also have in-depth experience of advertising on social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) as well as through online ad networks and ad exchanges. Because we’re a Google Partner Agency, our team has all the latest Google AdWords management qualifications.

We’re all about results. As such, our PPC mangement is designed to maximise your returns. In fact, results are so important to us that we won’t take you on if we don’t think we can deliver a return on your investment.

If you are looking for an expert PPC agency to manage your online advertising needs find out more about our services below, or contact our Bournemouth online advertising team.

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More than just AdWords

Paid advertising and Google AdWords are no longer synonyms. You can choose from a wide variety of channels to kick-start your paid marketing campaign.

With Bing Ads, content amplification services, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and other platforms, it's easy to get confused. We will design your paid advertising campaign across multiple channels to achieve the best possible conversion rate.

Google Adwords


The traditional and most popular form of PPC advertising



Some businesses find that Bing converts better than AdWords



Reach new audiences through Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn



Outbrain can help you get more eyeballs on your content

Delivering laser-targeted campaigns

It's no longer just about keywords. A successful paid search campaign involves analysing large amounts of data to arrive at the winning formula.

Our advertising team all have the Google Adwords Professional qualification and are expert in planning, set-up and day-to-day management of Google AdWords and other PPC campaigns. The team also possess in-depth experience of advertising through online ad networks and ad exchanges.

Maximising your ROI

Our advertising team can help you plan your budget and expected returns, and then plan distribution of your PPC advertising across the networks and exchanges. All planning is undertaken to maximise your ROI.

Our team can work in a planning and buying capacity, or alternatively we can provide full service covering all aspects of your paid search campaign including planning, buying, creative and production.

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