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Marketing and selling high-value retainer services is tough. If you get it right, attracting and retaining your ideal customer is a win-win for you and your ideal customer.

This is the show for you if you run a business that sells 4 or 5 figure per month retainer services and have responsibility for some or all the marketing and sales.

Learn from your peers

• How they understand their ideal customer
• How they communicate their value proposition
• What they have learnt along the way that they wish they knew
• What works and what doesn’t

Each episode Chris Heffer interviews a successful business leader whose business serve high-value customers. He asks them about how they attract and retain high-value customers. Learn from your peers how to win new customers and keep them customers happy.

Guarenteeing PR results and removing business bottlenecks | Sarah Kauter from VerriBerri

Featured Guest | Sarah Kauter - VerriBerri



This week's guest is Sarah from VerriBerri based in Essex, UK. VerriBerri helps brands that want to increase their visibility, protect their reputation and increase their income. They help their clients get their brand in front of their ideal customers using cost effective and innovative methods with guaranteed results.

Key insights:

  • Trying to please people who couldn't be pleased
  • Marketing vs PR - the return on ROI
  • The challenges of executing a 5 year plan

Key timestamps:

00:25 - How do you guarantee results for a PR company

02:50 - From redundancy to business owner

04:05 - Why communication with the director is essential

06:55 - Trying to please people who couldn't be pleased

09:15 - Just say no

11:55 - The future of PR post COVID-19

15:09 - Marketing vs PR - the return on ROI

21:00 - The broad coverage of PR

23:30 - Don't be so anxious about starting a business

26:30 - Remove yourself as the business bottleneck

30:15 - The challenges of executing a 5 year plan

36:48 - Why business's should own their office

39:25 - Quick fire questions

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