The High Value Customer Podcast

Marketing and selling high-value retainer services is tough. If you get it right, attracting and retaining your ideal customer is a win-win for you and your ideal customer.

This is the show for you if you run a business that sells 4 or 5 figure per month retainer services and have responsibility for some or all the marketing and sales.

Learn from your peers

• How they understand their ideal customer
• How they communicate their value proposition
• What they have learnt along the way that they wish they knew
• What works and what doesn’t

Each episode Chris Heffer interviews a successful business leader whose business serve high-value customers. He asks them about how they attract and retain high-value customers. Learn from your peers how to win new customers and keep them customers happy.

Creating a working environment where success is inevitable | Terry Finerty

Featured Guest - Terry Finerty | Re-consulting


Why allowing employee's to call out CEO's is a recipe for success...

Terry Finerty helps newly appointed CEO’s of fast growing tech companies to create an environment where success is inevitable by building a concrete strategy and an organisation inspired to deliver it. In this podcast episode, he shares some insights that he a lot of CEO’s would happily pay him for – this episode is a real eye opener.

In this podcast, Terry and Chris discuss:

  • Creating an environment for success
  • Why CEO's need to be accountable
  • Risk assess your assumptions, or atleast keep track of them

Key time stamps:

  • 0.35 - How to make consulting more exciting & impactful
  • 3:00 – Why my clients LOVE working with me
  • 6:30 – Creating a no bullsh*t business environment
  • 11:40 - Closing a CEO that thinks “consultants are a waste of time”
  • 14:25 – Why calling out CEO’s drives success
  • 18:28 – When using zoom just isn’t enough
  • 25:23 – Risk assessing your assumptions
  • 30:33 – How do you consult a consultant?
  • 32:43 – Don’t be afraid of making tough decisions
  • 37:16 – Sensing workplace tension using AI software
  • 41:04 – Investing in knowledge generates the best return
  • 43:15 – “An everyone culture”
  • 43:55 – The aim of this establishment is to create an environment where champions are inevitable
  • 45:55 – “When you guys make promises here, is it real, or BS?” 

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