The High Value Customer Podcast

Marketing and selling high-value retainer services is tough. If you get it right, attracting and retaining your ideal customer is a win-win for you and your ideal customer.

This is the show for you if you run a business that sells 4 or 5 figure per month retainer services and have responsibility for some or all the marketing and sales.

Learn from your peers

• How they understand their ideal customer
• How they communicate their value proposition
• What they have learnt along the way that they wish they knew
• What works and what doesn’t

Each episode Chris Heffer interviews a successful business leader whose business serve high-value customers. He asks them about how they attract and retain high-value customers. Learn from your peers how to win new customers and keep them customers happy.

Customer obsession and productising your services

Featured Guest - Stephen Bavister from LexisClick


Building systems and a pipeline of new business

Stephen Bavister is the founder and MD of LexisClick Growth Consultancy. LexisClick help companies with high-value customers with recurring revenue to attract their ideal customers with less risk by becoming their outsourced sales and marketing team on a revenue share basis.

In this podcast, Steve and Chris discuss, why you need to productise your service if you want to scale your business, why it important to focus your people on high-value activities then automate the rest and why he loves customer obsession!

Key time stamps:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 01:38 Who is his ideal customer
  • 2:02 Why a revenue share partner is a great way to grow your business
  • 2:35 Why he returned to his roots while running the business
  • 4:44 Productizing your services to simplifying the way sell and deliver services
  • 5.44 Get your people to focus on high value activities and automate the low value activities
  • 6:47 Why customer will prefer automation
  • 9:15 Building systems and building pipeline of new business
  • 11:55 Build your business value by creating value for your ideal customers
  • 12:54 The importance of a strong vision and mission to attract ideal customers and employees
  • 15:27 How he reduces the risk of investing in sales and marketing
  • 18:54 Why he wished he had believed in himself when he started the business
  • 21:52 His customer obsession business model
  • 25:25 How COVID-19 has accelerated business evolution by 20 years
  • 27:36 Great ideas he would execute with a cash injection to the business
  • 28:46 Quick fire questions

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