Inbound marketing for the built environment

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Getting your message across

Increase the quote requests you are receiving through your website to provide more sales leads


The most cost-effective method for generating sales-ready leads in the built environment sector. We know how difficult it can be to get your marketing message across in this industry. There may be specifiers, engineers, architects, budget holders, contractors, end users and more who contribute to the buying decision – each of which presents a unique communication challenge.

Our experience of working with clients in the built environment and construction sectors means we are familiar with how to speak to all decision makers and influencers in order to make inbound marketing as effective as possible.

In recent years the landscape of marketing in the built environment has had to change in response to changes in buyer behaviour.

Now, with 94% of B2B purchases researched online, previous lead generation tactics are generating lower and lower ROI.

In today’s market, the best way to generate the new leads that fuel business growth is to get found organically. Then, a strategy which focuses on providing content that is specific and relevant to your new leads will convert them into sales.

Our expert team can help you pull your content, social, email and SEO tactics into a single inbound marketing strategy that’s worth more than the sum of its parts.
We’re results-focused and always accountable so if you’re ambitious for business growth, get in touch to discuss your goals.

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Main challenges in construction sector marketing

The built environment is notorious for having decision making influences that are more complex
 than many other sectors.


Distributed decision making units

Marketers in the built environment consider this the single biggest challenge. Not only do you have multiple roles to communicate with, the various roles are typically distributed across different companies and will rarely communicate directly except through well-defined channels.

In many B2B marketing environments marketing to different roles as part of a decision making unit is common. However, it is rare for them to be working for different companies. In the built environment though, this is the most common scenario.

Lack of contact with the end user

For many manufacturers in the built environment the chance of the end user having direct influence over the components of the build are low and so marketing to and building your brand with end users is often seen as a very low priority.

However, for manufacturers of components in other sectors, this marketing strategy takes higher priority. Intel microchips, for example, may be specified by the end user of an order of servers, possibly even instead of similar and cheaper components offered by competitors.

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