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Ecommerce in the UK has continued to grow rapidly

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UK's ecommerce sales are expected to reach £67 billion by the end of  2016.  It is predicted that online sales are going to overtake the high street in the next couple of years.

Yet, according to stats, out of the Top 1 million global websites, only 3.5% have a shopping cart enabled. Although some sectors do have fierce competition, there are plenty of opportunities to launch a successful ecommerce website.

Many traditional retailers are looking to review their long-term marketing strategy incorporating new methods to help drive ecommerce growth. The average industry benchmark retailers with high street presence is around 30 - 40% of sales volume generated via the internet.

However, there has been a surge in the number of startup businesses whose revenue is generated through their online presence entirely. With the right marketing strategy in place this business model is safe from many pitfalls of traditional businesses.

You can sell products to a worldwide audience, you're not reliant on shopper footfall, Brexit, weather conditions and other unpredictable dangers.


Ecommerce is a true "equal opportunities" sector. While the more traditional brick and mortar businesses require a huge startup capital, online retailing is open to anyone with a great product and a clear-cut vision for growth.

Desktop vs. Mobile vs. Tablet

Usability is more important for online-based businesses than for anybody else. Although currently two thirds of transactions are carried out on desktop computers, the handheld is on a rise. Mobile commerce is worth £25 billion in the UK, and this includes sales generated via tablets and smartphones sharing the volume of sales at 60% and 40% respectively.

Some experts estimate that with 2.6 billion smartphones in use worldwide, more and more people will change their shopping habits and start using their handhelds as their main shopping device.

Conversions optimised for desktop devices don't guarantee your online store will perform as successfully on tablets or mobiles. We have the knowledge to optimise for the small screen making sure you achieve the best conversion rates.


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If you’re a new business looking for its first online shopping website, or an established business wanting to improve their online retail presence, then LexisClick has a wealth of knowledge in creating effective ecommerce solutions.

We do the detail and take the time to understand you, your business and your business strategy in order to deliver results. We know what makes shoppers tick – we know how to attract, engage and retain them, how to convert visits into sales, and keep them happy.

By using the award winning and industry leading ecommerce solutions, our talented team design and build successful shopping websites that look great, quickly deliver positive return on investment and offer a seamless online retail experience. We are proficient at building sites using both custom-made shopping cart solutions and standard solutions such as Magento, WordPress and Shopify.

Our digital marketing team has a wealth of experience marketing ecommerce sites, from SEO to shopping channel management and email marketing to get the results you need.

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