Improve by 1% a week to triple your business revenue in 3 years

Grow your business by thinking like Amazon 


Amazon's success is built on what CEO Jeff Bezos calls Customer Obsession.

This thinking has helped Amazon grow at an amazing rate.

Amazon is not alone. Some of the world's most successful companies have adopted Customer Obsession*.

The Customer Obsessed approach isn't just for big businesses, it's for businesses like yours too.


How does the system work?


The system is designed for businesses with between 5 and 50 employees.


Businesses that are customer focused, but aren't getting the results they want from their marketing. Businesses that are prepared to do things differently and better for their customers. 


You know that you can get better results from your marketing and sales. You understand it's because your business has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to marketing and sales - which means your customers get an inconsistent experience. 


The Customer Obsessed Growth System helps to spread your efforts across all the things you need to do, so you build a great experience for your customers. An experience they recommend to others, which naturally helps your business to grow.


To triple your business in 3 years you need to grow by just over 44% per year. That's not easy to achieve 3 years in a row. It's why we have simplified marketing and sales down into 12 areas. Through this programme you will increase all 12 areas by 4% each year, adding up to a 48% improvement in your customer experience and your business results.


The programme cycles through the 12 areas every 90 days. Each week you'll have simple instructions to follow to improve your marketing and sales in one of the 12 areas by at least 1%. In total all 12 areas have 4 weeks a year devoted to its improvement adding up to at least a 4% total improvement in each area.


The weekly tasks take 10 hours. On average 20% of the time needs a business leader's time and 80% can be delegated to a competent employee (no marketing or sales experience is required, although it does help).


Interested? Express your interest below and we'll be in touch.


We've gone into more detail in the sections below, so that you can have a deeper dive before expressing your interest. 


Take a look at each of the areas below - can you increase each by 4% in your business? 

Marketing and sales area improved Increase
Value you provide to customers +4%
New potential customers +4%
Relationships with new potential customers +4%
Subscribed audience +4%
New business opportunities +4%
Good fit potential customers +4%
Speed up buying decisions +4%
Sales conversion rate +4%
Customer retention +4%
Average annual customer value +4%
Trust in your company +4%
Customer lifetime value +4%
Total annual growth +48%


How 48% annual growth more than triples revenues in 3 years:

Start Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
 £1m £1.48m £2.2m  £3.2m
  +48%  +48% +48% 


How Customer Obsession compares with more traditional approaches to marketing and sales

To triple your revenues in 3 years, you need just over 44% growth each year.

The traditional approach:

You could increase your sales targets by 44% or invest in advertising to cover the growth. Done right, these work for business growth, but they often mean that the customer gets neglected because so much focus is on one area. So you end up fighting a battle between growth and keeping your customers happy.

Customer Obsession the better way for you and your customers:

Instead of focusing on one or two elements of marketing and sales to increase your business revenues, the Customer Obsessed Growth System focuses on 12 areas of marketing and sales. With a 4% improvement in each of these 12 areas, you achieve 48% growth in total and build a better business for your customers.

4% across 12 areas is a very achievable target. It's also sustainable over 3 years and is designed to be carried out by one of your existing team (are you really going to say you don't like the sound of that?) 

Express your interest

There are 3 options to cater to different business needs. All three options use the same system - the thing that changes is the level of assistance you would like on top.

All the options are designed for businesses with 5-50 employees looking to grow their business and have identified that marketing and sales are one of their issues.

We want all our customer to be on the DIY option and do it in house eventually but we are happy to give you some additional assistance to get the ball rolling till you can take it back off us.


DIY option - £250 per month

Who is it for?

Any business where the business owner or strategic leader can commit 2 hours per week to growing their business and they have an employee who is capable of following instructions to work on this for 8 hours a week.

What do you get?

  • Access to the Customer Obsessed Growth System 

  • Unlimited online support from your peers and industry

Guided option - £760 per month

Who is it for?

Any business who would like some additional support above the DIY option where the business owner or strategic leader can commit 2 hours per week to growing their business and they have an employee who is capable of following instructions to work on this for 8 hours a week. 

What do you get?

  • Access to the Customer Obsessed Growth System 

  • Unlimited online support from your peers and industry

  • 2-hour mastermind call per month for the business leader with a group of peers

  • 1 hour per week support call to help or review anything that has been or needs to be worked on

Done for you option - £3800 per month

Who is it for?

A business who hasn't currently got the resource to get the work done in-house but is going to planning to recruit someone in the next 12 months. This will be a temporary arrangement to assist and get things started. We want you to reduce the amount you pay us to one of the cheaper options because, in the long run, it will be cheaper and better for your business for you to do it in-house. 

What do you get?

  • Access to the Customer Obsessed Growth System 

  • Unlimited online support from your peers and industry

  • 30-minute call with the business leader for them to answer strategic questions about business and to update on progress

  • 30-minute call with someone in the business to help answer questions about business & industry

  • 8 hours of work per week to carry out the activities in each weeks module

Amazon is setting your customers' expectations 

Believe it or not, Amazon was once the same size as your business and from day one they obsessed over their customers.

This success now means that every one of your customers is also their customer.

Why's that important? Because Amazon is setting your customers' expectations.

So how does your business and your competitors match up in managing customer expectations? Can you see the amazing opportunity this presents for your business?

You can triple your business in 3 years through Customer Obsession

We've designed a marketing and sales system to help you triple your business in 3 years using Customer Obsession.

We have simplified Customer Obsessed marketing into 12 critical areas that you will cycle through every 12 weeks, increasing your levels and performance through each cycle. After 3 years you will have tripled your business and built a loyal base of delighted customers, through being a leader in Customer Obsession.

This programme covers the first 12 months. We’ve built a great package to help the earliest adopters to get started on your journey towards becoming a Customer Obsessed business.

You can be a Pioneer in Customer Obsession 

Customer Obsession is one of the most significant business growth opportunities for SMEs in the next decade.

We think your business has the potential to grow through Customer Obsession, so we're offering you this opportunity to join the first SME early adopters . These businesses will be supported to use the system before pretty much anyone else and enjoy the rewards of the first mover advantage by adopting this proven business philosophy that hardly any SME businesses are aware of.

Your journey is a PR story in the making.

Does this describe you?

  • Your current marketing and sales activities are unlikely to triple your business in the next 3 years

  • Tripling your business over the next 3 years is an achievement you'll be very proud of

  • Your business goes above and beyond for your customers

  • You have an ambition to be a leader in your field and have the capacity and ambition to grow

  • Your current revenues are between £300k and £2m, if you are larger than this please discuss with us whether this or a different programme would be most appropriate for you

  • You are able to invest 10 hours per week in marketing related activities to triple your business (average 20% business leader time, 80% can be delegated to a capable employee)

  • You have a capable employee who can allocate 8 hours of their time and will enjoy taking on responsibility for marketing and sales improvements to grow your business. (The system is designed to be used by anyone from a capable marketing manager to an apprentice with limited existing marketing skills but plenty of nouse.)

  • You are happy to publicly share what you learn and the benefits you gain

  • Your business will benefit from being featured in relevant media publications

  • You can invest a minimum of £250 per month for additional 3rd party marketing costs (if not currently allocated) to services such as digital advertising like Google Adwords or software such as a CRM etc  

Would you like help to understand if this is a good fit to help you achieve your business growth goals?

  • We'll discuss your business and your growth goals to understand your fit for the Pioneer Programme and likelihood of success. We are only accepting businesses on this programme where we are confident they'll achieve the results we are promoting

  • We'll help you understand your breakeven point to make sure that you have a very high probability of a strongly positive ROI before committing to the programme

  • We'll model your current performance and opportunities to assess if the target growth is realistic

We're using the system ourselves so that everything is road tested by us before we give it to you.

Express your interest below and we'll be in touch.

  • You need to be prepared for change. Adopting Customer Obsession will change your business for the better. However, change needs commitment, you are initially committing to a 12 month journey and change can be hard at times. You'll have a peer group, coaching calls and our team here to support you

  • You want to and have the capacity to commit to 2 hours of business leader time each week to grow your business and become a leader in your field. You are allowed a few holidays ;-) Just let us know what you have planned, so we can work around you as much as possible

  • You want and have the capacity to commit to 8 hours of a capable employees time each week to grow your business and become a leader in your field. (No previous marketing or sales experience is necessary, although it will be helpful)

  • We have simplified Customer Obsessed marketing into 12 critical areas that you will cycle through every 12 weeks, increasing your levels and performance through each cycle. You're only committing to the first 12 months, but we hope you'll work with it for the full 3 years

  • The group starts in early September 2019

  • Payments of £250 + VAT will be taken monthly in advance (first day of the month) by direct debit or recurring card payment

  • The next step is to express your interest and watch our 45 minute webinar to learn more about how it works. We will interview all expressions of interest to understand their suitability for the programme and will confirm your place in the Pioneer Programme before taking payment details

*We just want to be clear - this programme is in no way associated or endorsed by Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft or Uber. Although we're sure if Jeff Bezos had the time to check it out, he'd be obsessed about it ;-)

In the 12 years that LexisClick has been in business, we've worked with over 100 SME businesses and got to know them well. Some have achieved these levels of success and more, while others haven't.

We wanted to understand what set the success stories apart.

We identified 3 common traits:

  • They knew what they were the best in the world at
  • They had a laser focus on their customers
  • They had systemised their marketing and sales

All these businesses had grown successfully year after year, through good times and bad. We had sat in board meetings with them, met all of their senior management and built their marketing and sales systems.

Just like our business a focus on their customers is something they all have in common and drives the decisions they make.

We realised that this success is a business system that starts with the customer, rather than a shortcut, luck or rocket science.

While building the system a constant theme kept coming up - "Customer Obsession" because every business says they are customer focused, but only the truly committed can be Customer Obsessed. So the Customer Obsessed Growth System was the name we gave it.

We then started researching customer obsession and found someone had already thought of it before us - Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon. 

That was the final proof we needed - we were on to something big.

So that's the back story. If you want to hear more about it, we'll happily share more stories. Just let us know when we have a chat, express your interest below and we'll do the rest.


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