Creating results that we're really proud of




Loving what you do is the most important thing to look for in a job.

Here at LexisClick we all get a real kick out of producing great work. For us, there’s nothing more satisfying than creating stuff we’re really proud of. Yes, it can be hard work, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun along the way. But we never forget that it’s all about getting results for our customers.

To deliver these results we need brilliant people. People who enjoy a challenge, thrive on creativity and love doing a great job. That’s why we’re always looking for talented, ambitious and creative individuals to join us.

Sounds like you? Then take a look around and find out if LexisClick could be the place for you.


A great ad man once said he only looks for two things in a person: Do I like them and can they do the job?

It’s the same at LexisClick, but if you want a bit more detail: we like smart, bright team players who want to push themselves. We also look for someone who fits with our values, so take a look at our code and see if there’s a match.


Sounds obvious, but what we mean is having the ability to pick up complex information, decipher it, pick out the relevant stuff and then present it back in a clear and simple way.

Team player

Getting along with people is so important, whether it’s your work mates or your clients. We think being easy to work with is more productive and makes business a pleasure. So if you’re a toys-out-the-pram type of person, thanks but no thanks.

Delivers results

That’s what we’re all here for at the end of the day, so you’ll need to have the same ‘can-do’ attitude as the rest of the team.

Follows the code

Want to be a Jedi? Then you must follow the code and not stray to the dark side. It’s what we’ve built our success on, so we need likeminded people.


Why LexisClick

‘Oooh, haven’t you grown.’ It was embarrassing when your Nan said it, but here it’s definitely a good thing. Getting new skills and experience is another perk of LexisClick. It’s great for you and us, and we love encouraging people to develop their talents. Here’s how we do it:


Every day is something new

You’ll be learning from day one. Things move at quite a pace here and you’ll be picking up cool new stuff along the way. There’s never time to be bored, and if you’ve got an appetite for trying new things, you’ll fit right in.  Take a look at our current opportunities. We’d love to hear from you.


Don’t worry, it’s not like your first day at school. LexisClick is a friendly place and we like to make sure you know the ropes and where to look for help when you need it. We’ll be on hand to help you every step of the way. Before you know it, you’ll know everyone’s name and how many sugars they take.

Core skills development

It sounds scary but it isn’t. This means doing everything the LexisClick way. We’re not anal about stuff. It’s just to ensure there’s a consistent approach to what we do. It could be anything from how you answer the phone, to learning the way our business operates.

Technical skills development

Every job is different and needs a different set of skills. We want to ensure everyone has what they need to do the best job they can. That’s why we have a technical skills development plan. For some it’ll be gaining formal qualifications, for others it’ll be picking up new techniques and keeping up to date with the latest innovations.


Don’t worry, we won’t get all Simon Cowell-ish on you; this is about being constructive. It gives us a chance to see how well you’re doing and for you to tell us if there’s anything you need or that can be improved. We do this once a fortnight, and in May we set fresh objectives for each person’s development. There are regular reviews in August, November and February, so we can see if the development is working or needs a bit of tweaking.


  • OK, who went straight to this section first? It’s all right, we understand. Everyone wants to know what they’re going to get out of it. Well, at LexisClick we’re a generous bunch and love rewarding hard work.

Sharing in our success

We believe in sharing in our success because it’s only fair. So if we do well, you will too. Every year, if we hit our targets, we all get a slice of the profits. Plus, we review pay annually to ensure that the people who work the hardest are getting rewarded for it.

Personal growth

At LexisClick we love seeing our people grow, so we take personal development seriously. It’s an opportunity for you to learn new stuff and pick up new qualifications.



Fun days

It’s not all work, work, work. Once every three months, we’ll go out on a jolly and get up to some mischief. It’s always different and always fun, and we get to act like small children again. Yippee!


LexisClick World Summit

What you think matters to us. That’s why every year we get together to have a summit. It allows you to get involved in the decision-making process and have a say about where we’re going.



We love a bit of cake, but if you don’t, it could be pasties or pies, just as long as we can stick a candle in it. That’s because we love to celebrate a birthday. We might even sing you happy birthday if you’re unlucky enough.


On your bike

Riding to work is great for keeping fit and the environment. We’re encouraging everyone to do it with a Ride to Work scheme that allows you to buy a bike tax-free. We’ve even got showers at the office so you don’t need to worry about coming in sweaty.


Child friendly

If your little one needs looking after while you’re working, you can take £243 out of your pay per month tax-free to go towards the cost of childcare, saving you 20-40%. It’s igglepiggle-tastic!


The golden hammer

Whoever’s gone over and above the call of duty each week (or just made us laugh lots) gets awarded the Golden Hammer for the week. Whoever gets it the most in the quarter gets a meal out on us, as an extra little thank you.


The LexisClick library

Even though we pretty much live on the web, we still love books. So if there’s a business book or magazine that someone fancies, they can request it for the LexisClick library. We buy it, they can read it and then it goes into the library for everyone else’s reading pleasure.


Friday drinks

5pm on a Friday is definitely beer o’clock (or wine or smoothies, if you prefer). It’s a ritual that’s rigorously observed and someone is always in charge of handing out the drinks that signal the weekend has started. On the third Friday of each month we have a bit of party at our bar and maybe a spot of karaoke.