The power of localised SEO

In the later part of 2012 Google’s Ed Parsons revealed that 1 in 3 searches on Google are local, meaning that they are regarding a place or a business and a place. This is important to keep in mind when approaching SEO, especially if your website offers a product or service that is only available in a specified geographic location.

We recently did an SEO set up for CopyCare, a copier servicing and sales company in Dorset. Prior to our work, there was little mention of Dorset, Bournemouth or the area that they covered. With some tweaking of the content and meta data Copycare soon climbed the rankings for important search phrases for their business, rather than trying to compete with top-line manufacturers for generic, non-geographic phrases. Because it is Google’s mission to serve the most relevant and useful page to the user, Copycare was able to maximise on their target audience looking for a localised service close to them.

Also... do not forget to specify geographic coverage when setting up a PPC campaign, such as Google Adwords, to avoid wasting your budget on towns and cities that your business can not cater for.