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How to find great blog ideas that will boost your blog reads


You'll have noticed how it seems like everyone - social media, marketing managers, SEO strategists, even the search engines - are all working towards achieving the perfect content marketing strategy. But it can feel like finding enough of that great content can be a bit of a battle!!

In a nutshell, content marketing works to gain momentum for a business “by creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and procure a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”, as defined by the Content Marketing Institute.

Sharing your content on the various social media platforms in the form of blog posts, messages, articles, blogs, webinars, vlogs etc. is a great way to get noticed. So let’s look at how you can come up with consistently great ideas for blogs.

Finding that great idea:

To start off, have you realised what brings out your inner writer? Is it an idea or an inspiration? Maybe a memory flash? Or do you keep a notebook at all times to jot down those random bursts of thoughts? – You might take inspiration from all kinds of places to help you pen the perfect blog, which your audience would appreciate reading. Whatever your routine, you must keep in mind the basics of what a blog is all about:

“A blog is an online journal used for voicing our thoughts, information on various topics. One of the things that appeal about a blog is its simplicity that anyone can write one and publish easily.”

Writing the Blog:

When it comes to writing the actual blog, some basic groundwork to start off with. Ideally, you should define the following to understand the need for the blog in the first place.

  • Who is your target audience? Ask yourself what your audience would want or need from you.
  • What is the end-goal or the result you’re looking to achieve?
  • How to achieve this goal through your niche skills and make it appealing to the target audience?
  • And, last but not least, keep your message real and share your honest views.

Great blog ideas to boost your blog reads

Below are a few tried and tested practices that could help you solve the mystery of ‘What do I blog about?’:

  1. Keep a book of thoughts – write down any scenarios that you face and then review it for ideas.
  1. Ask your audience about their likes and dislikes – borrow some of their thoughts for blogging ideas.
  1. Read any interesting case study relating to your industry - this would be an ideal topic to blog about. Share the case study highlighting your views on the topic.
  1. Be a thought leader: write on topics related to your industry and show your knowledge over it. Position yourself as a trusted source of information.
  1. Take advantage of the help available from blog topic generators out there. For example: Hubspot’s version here. With a few keywords, they suggest a few topic options for you to further refine.
  1. Subscribing to other blog feeds is another great way to come up with topics for your blog. There might be an aspect that they missed, or you have some statistics to add on to make it more interesting.
  1. You could do a photo-driven story. Pictures are a great way to pique the interest of the audience.
  1. Infographics – just as attention-grabbing as a picture. It can be a fun way of sharing a success story, statistics or in explaining the uniqueness of your business and what you have to offer.
  1. Another, trending way to create buzz is through a webinar. Instead of just putting it down on paper, you can create a video where you explain your thoughts, mixing it up with some statistics, charts and some visuals to keep it exciting and to the point.
  1. Industry posts – has some new technology been introduced relating to your field of work? Share what it offers, the benefits and why it is a good or bad thing.
  1. Have you received some good reviews from a customer? This could make a great success blog story.
  1. Share an achievement or a milestone or any exciting news in your business, to create some buzz in the industry.
  1. Do a tutorial – share the knowledge you have over a product or service that will benefit your audience.
  1. You could address a known misconception in your field of work - providing accurate information could be a plus point and gain your blog some momentum.
  1. Revisiting a previous blog post, maybe one you had written five years ago, refreshing it with new trends that are taking over the market. No doubt you’ll have lots of new material to add on.
  1. Books, magazines, trade publications, TV, what’s trending in Twitter can all be a potential gold mine for topics. Choose wisely as to what might inspire your audience.
  1. A research blog post – where you have been educating yourself on a topic. Just collate all the data that was of interest to you and share your views on them.
  1. Introduce your team – highlight your team’s talent, or if an employee has achieved something great, then share it as a post.
  1. Festive-inspired post – A post like this would help create a bond with your audience. Share your celebrations, add a few pictures, and make it eye-catching.
  1. Last and most importantly, have a writing buddy. You can discuss ideas, topics and get some feedback before you even start to work on the blog.

By trying these methods you can be sure that you don’t run out of innovative ideas for blogging. Businesses today are competing for every inch of web space, to connect better with the audience. So understanding and using blogs to drive your business is crucial.

Why blogging is important today

Blogging has become an integral component of any online marketing strategy, it’s a cost-effective way to gain publicity and add value to your business, and it undoubtedly helps businesses to refine their message from “What we offer” to “What more we can do for our customers?”

Simply writing about what you know best positions you as a leader within your industry. You also benefit from the blogging process since it helps you stay ahead of the curve, constantly in touch with new trends and news that will appeal to your audience.

So, blog often, blog what you know best and keep it simple!

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