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How much money makes you happy?

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How much money do you need to be happy?🤔

There are many studies that suggest that more money does make us happier, but only up to a certain point. £60,000 ($75,000) per year to be precise, according to a study by Princeton University researchers.

If your basic needs are not met, then there is a high chance you will not be happy in your life as a result of the stress and pressure that is weighing you down. 

At the same time, operating a business paying you a six-figure wage, but that also takes up most of your time, adds its own stresses and pressures to your life.

Either way, too much weight on your shoulders can break even the strongest of people...

weight on your shoulders

There's an old fisherman's tale that gives a great overview of the correlation between money and happiness, ironically called

"The businessman and the fisherman." 


It goes something like this:

One day a Brazilian fisherman, named Angelo, had finished his morning of fishing and was rowing his boat back to the shore. 

Impressed by the amount of fish he'd caught, a  businessman, named Warren, approached Angelo and asked;

“How long does it take you to catch that many fish?!”

Angelo replied, “Just a couple of hours each morning.”

Astonished, Warren asked;

“Why don’t you stay out at sea for longer to catch more fish?”

Angelo - “Well, it's enough to feed my family.” 

“Well, what do you do for the rest of the day?!” - Warren was shocked. 

Angelo - “After going out to catch some fish, I return home and play with my kids, spend some time with my wife and eat some delicious food. Then when the evening comes, I meet up with some friends for a few drinks then we sing and dance until the morning comes.”

Then Warren made a proposal to Angelo:

“Why don’t you spend more time at sea and catch as many fish as you can. Then you can sell the extra fish, save the money for a bigger boat and be able to catch even more fish. Eventually, you'll be able to employ a team of people to catch fish for you.”

Unaffected by the Warren's proposal Angelo asks, “And what after that?”

Puzzled, Warren replies;

“You could live like a king! Imagine waking up in the morning, heading out to catch a few fish. Then returning home to spend time with your family to enjoy delicious food, before meeting with your friends to sing and dance under the moonlight until morning comes!”

Bewildered by what Warren had just suggested, Angelo asked Warren another question. 

“And what exactly do I spend my days doing now?” 

The businessman was speechless. 


The moral of this story is to always think about the end goal of your business ventures and how they will impact your life for the better.

You should always have a deeper end goal than to just making money. It could be to travel the world, spend more quality time with your loved ones or make the world a better place. It could also be a combination of any of these.

If you find yourself stressed out with the volume of work you have, one place to start is improving your productivity, specifically your marketing productivity. 

We believe the most important thing to grow in your business is productivity.

We are on a mission to figure out the 20% of marketing that gets the 80% of the results.

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