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How do colours affect purchases: infographic

When deciding on the colour scheme of your next website or marketing material, remember that people are visual beings – 90% of all information absorbed by human brain is visual. People process visual information 60,000 times faster than textual information.

According to some interesting research on how do colours affect purchases compiled by Kissmetrics, consumers place visual appearance and colour above other factors when shopping. Surveying online shoppers it turned out 93% of shoppers place visual appearance of products as the most important factor. 85% of shoppers consider colour as a primary factor when making the buying decision.

Although this infographic concentrates on North American consumers and its angle is online shopping, most of the findings apply to UK consumers, and also to website design.

Each colour represents certain characteristics and invokes emotions. For example, orange colour is aggressive and represents action. That’s why so many call-to-action buttons are orange.

There are also colour palettes catering to a certain type of online buyers. That’s why many vanity shops use royal blue and orange– apparently impulse shoppers specifically relate to these colours.

How do colours affect purchases


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