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Case Study: Inbound Marketing



2014 has seen a massive boost in the number of business leaders and marketers that are incorporating inbound marketing strategies into their overall marketing plan.

Read to the end of this post to discover how we have successfully implemented a new content marketing campaign for our client, Budget Mobile Cover.

Budget Mobile Cover is one of the most competitively priced insurance providers in the UK, offering insurance at a premium price for a range of gadgets and devices. Providing excellent customer support and comprehensive cover, they deal with everything from when you sign up through to when you claim. The client came to us for our content marketing expertise, to include blogging, social media and competition marketing.

So what results have we driven so far?

  • Increased web traffic through industry-related blogging. Publishing two weekly blog posts is helping to drive new and repeat traffic to the website. New content allows us to target new keywords and positions the client as a field expert.
  • Increased social media followers and engagement. We have published two competitions on the client's social media pages, (Facebook and Twitter) with the instruction of liking and sharing for the chance to win. Last week, Facebook saw a 13% increase in page likes and a 58% increase in Twitter followers.
  • In addition to successful competition marketing, we have used social media to share our blogging content which spreads content to new audiences and boosts SEO.

If you need help creating a content marketing strategy for your business, contact our team today on 01202 788333 or email For more information about Budget Mobile Cover, visit

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