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Accelerate your website performance with these 4 simple CTAs


If you want to accelerate your website's performance, get to work on improving its conversion rate. Begin by looking at whether each of the pages has a persuasive next step, or call to action (CTA)? If you review your site, you’ll probably find they don’t. If they do, the CTAs will be either Buy now or Contact us. The trouble with these is that they are targeting a single stage in the purchasing journey. In this post we’re going to share 4 straightforward CTAs, that you can use to take the conversion rate of your site through the roof.

Building a customer obsessed organisation doesn't happen overnight. If you take small steps every week to improve your organisation for everyone who interacts with it, you're taking a customer obsessed approach. Making improvements to the experience on your website is an excellent place to take action.

It's well known that we have a limited attention span when we’re online. That’s why it’s really important to signpost and make the next step for your users to take on each page of your website super obvious.

At any moment in time, it is a small percentage of your website users who are ready to purchase. That’s why earlier stage CTAs are important, so that you can help your website guests wherever they are in their journey.

A frequently used early stage CTA is an Ebook. Ebooks can perform very well, the trouble is that they are time consuming to produce and take time to consume for the user. If you don’t have one to hand, you can struggle to get one ready.

If you prefer a video, here's video of this content:

We’ve shared 4 CTAs that you can start using practically straight away.

1. Live Chat

Live chat can be a great opener, the downside is that it can be a bit in your face, like when the store assistant comes up to you when you’re just browsing.

However, they’ve been around for some time now and the user experience is continually improving. As live chat is used on so many sites now, your website users often expect it.

From the user’s perspective live chat provides speedy access to the response they need, as long as someone is manning the service. It also saves them hunting around your site for contact details to email or call you.

There are plenty of apps available, so you can get it installed and running on your site in no time. It will take managing, which is the hidden catch, especially if you have a small team who are out and about.

The good news is that live chat providers Hubspot and Drift both have conversational bot platforms that come with their website chat features. Bots make running website chat easier, as the initial responses can be provided 24/7 and mean your website guests get their answers faster. Three other popular live chat platforms include: LiveChat, Olark and Intercom, if these don’t fit your bill, there are plenty of others out there to select from.

2. A free consultation

It is often difficult for service based organisations to give away a free trial. A solution to this is to offer a free consultation. 30 minutes or 1 hour of your time, where your prospect can ask questions and get to know you will be invaluable to both of you.

They’ll get a good understanding your expertise and whether you offer what they're looking for.

From your side you’ll understand if they're a good match and have the potential to be a great customer.

Numerous organisations offer this type of service as part of their sales process. Change it up and make it an offer. If you already offer this in some way, it's an offer and CTA that you can get up and running in minutes.

3. A calculator

Calculators are great because they give your potential customers the answer they’re looking for immediately. People like and appreciate this. It means they don’t have to spend their valuable time searching the internet, working out complicated formulas or reading ebooks to get the answer they’re looking for.

You can also apply logic to calculators if you want to attract potential customers that meet certain criteria. If the potential customer matches the criteria you’re looking for, promote the next offer, which could be a download, subscription, free trial or free consultation.

A calculator will probably take more time to produce, nevertheless, when you get them right they can massively outperform other informational CTAs like ebooks, making them well worth the additional effort.

4. Subscribe for info

Your best customers will have robust confidence in you. If they subscribe to hear from you regularly and you provide them with interesting quality content in return for their attention you’ll earn their trust.

When you offer people to subscribe on the right pages, the take up rate will be good. If it’s appropriate you can also incentivise subscribing with another high value offer, like a guide, checklist or future discount in exchange for their subscription.

If you do choose to incentivise the subscription, it’s important that you’re very clear on what they’re subscribing to and the value they’ll get from subscribing. At the end of the day you’re looking to appeal to long term subscribers that you develop a high quality long term relationship with.

Match the CTA to the page

When you’ve created your CTA, it’s fundamental that it is aligned to the page you’re adding it to.

For example, subscribe CTAs work well on informative blog posts, a calculator works well on a page addressing the problem that the calculator solves and live chat works well on pricing pages and home pages.

If a CTA is poorly aligned to the page it is on, it will attract poor conversion rates, whereas a well aligned CTA will attract significantly higher conversion rates.

If you have CTAs with low performance, start by checking their alignment to the page. If the alignment is poor, change the CTA. If the alignment is right, it's time to look at position, design and the terminology you’re using.

Research and identify the most powerful CTAs for your pages

We’ve provided 4 simple CTAs that most sites can use, but don’t be limited by these. Research the CTAs that other companies in your industry have used, also get inspired by other businesses and websites you admire.

Getting outside inspiration will help you develop novel and exciting CTAs that compel your website visitors to take action.

The more value your CTAs provide to your website visitors, the better they’ll perform. When you’ve developed your new CTA and it’s smashing it, let us know, we’d love to check it out.

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