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5 LinkedIn Features Your Business Needs To Be Using



LinkedIn is a professional space in which your business can nurture and grow. Its benefits go far beyond networking and recruiting.

Consider using these features to help position you more highly on LinkedIn.

If you’re a working professional who has an account and only logs in to connect with an invitation or look up prospective clients / employees, then you are missing an important opportunity to expand your business.

Visual Portfolio

Don’t just say it. Display it. As we’ve said before, an image speaks a thousand words. Add your work to your profile, with everything from portfolio pieces, to presentations, to videos. This is your chance to display your professional story in a rich, visual way.

It’s easy to do:

  1. Choose your favourite pieces.
  2. Upload from your computer.
  3. Let your work speak for itself!

Have you considered adding a SlideShare presentation to your portfolio? This is a great method for showcasing your presentations, portfolios and attracts new connections and clients.


Keywords are great for optimising SEO. Incorporating them within your profile, will increase your chance of being found on LinkedIn. Edit your profile (summary, interests, job descriptions and key skills) to include these keywords that will reflect your expertise and experience.

The most important part of this process is adding keywords to your professional headline. Keywords in the headline have a greater impact – make sure you use as many of the 120 spaces as possible.


You will improve your visibility by joining more groups. Boost your profile by connecting and exchanging with other LinkedIn group members. Each user can join up to 50 groups – it’s important you pick the ones that are most applicable to you, from a personal branding and SEO perspective.

Join groups to showcase yourself as a thought leader and demonstrate your company’s expertise. Post relevant information within the groups and contribute on other posts. Try not to be sales-motivated though, as users will probably get annoyed with your content and start to overlook it.


It is very easy to endorse one or more of your connections – so how much value does an endorsement have? A recommendation has a higher value because it helps your profile get found within an advanced search. A user with more recommendations will appear higher in LinkedIn search rankings.

When users join a group, the number of recommendations they have is shown next to their name within the list of group members. So if thought leadership is important to you, then you’ll want to work on getting as many recommendations as possible.

Analytics Tab

One of the best features of the LinkedIn Company Page, is the ability to collect analytics for demographics, post engagement and other important trends. The data is divided into Updates, Followers and Visitors.

Impressions – the number of times each update was shown to LinkedIn members.
Clicks – the number of clicks on your content (this doesn’t include interactions).
Interactions – the number of times people have liked, commented on and/or shared each update.
Followers acquired – how many followers you gained by promoting each update.
Engagement – a percentage showing the number of interactions plus the number of clicks and followers acquired, divided by the number of impressions.

This section provides information on where followers are coming from, their demographics, trends and competitive comparisons.
Total – the total number of LinkedIn users following your Company Page.
Organic – followers gained naturally, without advertising.
Acquired – followers gained through Sponsored Updates and/or Company Follow Ads.
Demographics – a breakdown of who’s following your company using different types of data (seniority, industry, job function, company size).
How you compare – your number of followers compared to other companies.

Page views – a graph showing how many times your Company Page was viewed.
Career Page – you can monitor how many visits and clicks your Career Page has received.
Unique Visitors – this is similar to page views, but removes duplicate visits to a single page.

LinkedIn is a social channel you cannot ignore. If you need help with your LinkedIn strategy, get in touch with us today via marketing@lexisclick.com or give us a call on 01202 788333.

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