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by | January 08, 2013
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Beyond the obvious fetching of relevant websites to your search phrase, there are a bunch of other nifty and useful tools that you can use Google for, here is a list of just a few of them.

Site: Only searches the pages of that site (eg. SEO)
Allintitle: Only shows results with the following phrase in the title of the page (eg: allintitle:SEO)
Link:url will show all websites that link to the specified url
~phrase Will also search for related words
“phrase” This is known as an ‘exact search’ and will only search for the exact phrase rather than each of the words separately
-phrase Excludes this word from the search
2008..2012 Shows results from within the chosen date range

These are used by our Search Engine Optimisation team on a daily basis here at LexisClick when doing research for SEO and online marketing projects in order to get a better picture of the client’s industry and marketplace. For more details about our SEO work, click here

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